Why Do People Wear Lapel Pins?

Why Do People Wear Lapel Pins? | Custom Pins Now

There are too many reasons why people wear lapel pins to list here, but here are a few that come to mind.

1. People Wear Lapel Pins to Show Patriotism.

The American flag pin is the most popular pin you will see.  Politicians, military, and patriotic people will sport a wide variety of this simple pin.  While there are many variations to the pins shape and size, they all convey a clear message – they love their country and our proud to be an American.

2. People Wear Lapel Pins to Make a Statement.

The millennial generation loves to make statements and one way they do this is with lapel pins.  You will see them wearing one, two or many pins all conveying a particular message.  The pin may not even say anything, it may just be a familiar image.  Here are some sample pins of people or statements that you might see around:  Ruth Ginsberg, Willie Nelson, Lady Gaga – Born this way!, Respect, marijuana, I dream it, I work hard, I grind it, till I own it, Ya’ll mind if I scream, OK Bloomer, and Millennial Anxiety Club.  The list could go on a and on but you get the picture each pin would is a bold statement.

3. People Wear Lapel Pins to Support a Cause.

Most every one knows the pink ribbon pin supporting breast cancer awareness.  You might not know that there are literally hundreds of colors of ribbon pins supporting every form of cancer.  This is just the start, if someone has a cause they most likely have created a custom lapel pin to show support of that cause.

4. People Wear Lapel Pins to Commemorate an event.

The NCAA Final Four, the Superbowl, the Kentucky Derby, a boy scout campout, destination imagination competition, NASA expeditions to space, Houston Livestock and Rodeo.  People want to remember the events they attended so pins are made for people to remember.

5. People Wear Lapel Pins to Promote a Business.

They are often called mini billboards.  Lapel pins become billboards for a business to promote their name, brand and image.  The best part is they are mobile.   Wherever a person goes that mini billboard goes branding and promoting the business all the way along.

6. People Wear Lapel Pins to Display Unity.

If you belong to a club you have probably worn a lapel pin to show unity and membership.  Maybe it was the 4H club, the Key club, or the Lions club.  A lapel pin is a simple sign that you belong, and it brings instant connection to others wearing the same pin.

7. People Wear Lapel Pins for Identification.

It may be at an exclusive party that people wear a particular lapel pin to identify their role or position.  Maybe it is a security group that wears a pin to ensure security.  Pins are small, discrete and become simple identification marks that can be easily identified.

8. People Wear Lapel Pins Just Because They Like Something.

Of all places a lady in the Isle of Mann wanted a snowflake pin just because she liked snowflakes.  Wearing it made her happy and when she wore it, it said a little something about her.

9. People Wear Lapel Pins as a Conversation Starter.

See a lapel pin and you are naturally drawn too it.  The next reaction is to ask about the pin.  Lapel pins are small and not meant to contain a complete description, rather they become a stimulus to start a conversation.

10. People Wear Lapel Pins to Show Accomplishment.

Go to Wal-Mart, Home Depot or the grocery store and you will often see clerks wearing vests and attached to those vests are lapel pins.  They may seem playful, but each pin has meaning.  It was earned or rewarded to an employee for accomplishment or advancement.

11. People Wear Lapel Pins to Display Interest.

Look at a student backpack and you might find 3 or 4 pins each representing something about the person, a location they have visited or just something they like.  You can start to understand the person by a few simple pins.

12. People Wear Lapel Pins as an accessory to their clothing.  

Sometimes a piece of clothing just isn’t enough – it needs a little something.  So yes, lapel pins are an accent or accessory for clothing.  Sometimes it’s the pin that makes the outfit.

While not exhaustive, this list gives you some insight into Why People Wear Lapel Pins.  The reality is, you don’t even need a reason to wear a lapel pin.  Sometimes people do it just because.

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