Hard Enamel Pins

When quality, durability, and a shiny finish are everything, hard enamel pins should be the only choice. It’s the second most popular enamel pin design and is considered to be of the highest quality.

Hard Enamel Pins

A smooth and sleek finish for the modern version of the traditional Cloisonné pins

If your intended use and design brief require a premium enamel pin, you should choose a hard enamel pin. From the intricate perimeter cuts to the iconic smooth finishes, hard enamel pins are designed and polished to create a surface that is smooth to the touch.

Hard Enamel Pins Cost

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Options & Accessories

Standard Nail

Standard Nail

Butterfly Clutch

Butterfly Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Deluxe Clutch

Deluxe Clutch

Clutch Screw

Clutch Screw Back







Magnet Bar

Magnet Bar

Safety Pin

Safety Pin

Stick Pin

Stick Pin

Tie Clip

Tie Clip

Poly Bag

Poly Bag

Plastic Box

Plastic Box

Velvet Box

Velvet Box

Velvet Bag

Velvet Bag

Backer Card

Backer Card

Why Hard Enamel is Right for You

Also called epola pins, new Cloisonné, Cloisonné II, Semi-Cloisonné, and Clois-Tech, hard enamels are known as the new Cloisonné and have been around for more than 20 years. They’re designed by pouring enamel in the sunken areas of the metal before it’s heated at very high temperatures. They’re then polished smooth to make sure that it’s at the same level as the metal edges.

Hard enamel pins are generally a top choice and should be your first option if you want an enamel pin with a sleek and shiny finish. The shine is created by the final polishing of the pin creating a luster and jewelry quality look and feel.

With that in mind, hard enamel can be the best option if you want enamel pins with a high-gloss finish. The smooth finish of hard enamel is the main difference from the textured finish of soft enamel.

The fact that it has a smooth surface and has been heated at very high temperatures makes it one of the most durable types of enamel pins. This is because its frontage cannot be easily scratched or exposed to elements that might cause damage. So if you want an enamel pin that is durable and can withstand being exposed to various hard surfaces and other elements, you can consider choosing hard enamel.

Just like soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins have ridges to keep colors from mixing. But instead of keeping the colors below the outline of the design, the color is added over and over to raise the enamel so that it’s on the same level as the metal edge. This, therefore, creates a flat finish to give it a sleek look.

The process of making hard enamel is a bit complicated but certainly worth it. The surface is first filled with the intended enamel color then baked or cured. The face of the enamel pin is then gently ground until it becomes smooth and flat. It is this combination of grinding and polishing that makes hard enamel so recognizable.

You, however, have to keep in mind that hard enamel may cost much more than normal enamel pins since they’re time-consuming and labor-intensive. All in all, they’re a great option, especially if you want an enamel pin that can last for years. The quality speaks for itself and you’re guaranteed that it won’t lose its shape, shine, or color over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make hard enamel pins

Hard enamel lapel pins are made from die struck iron, copper or brass metals.

To make a hard enamel lapel pins, we add the enamel so it reaches the tips of the surrounding raised metal. Then we heat the enamel at a really high temperature, and this hardens and cures it. This is followed by smooth polishing so that the enamel and the metal lines are on the same level. The polishing increases the quality and durability.

What is the difference between hard enamel and soft enamel pins?

What differentiates a lapel pin into soft or hard isn’t the sturdiness of the pin, rather it is the texture.

A soft enamel lapel pin has a more textured feel with the separating lines slightly raised and the enamel slightly recessed. The colors are more visible and vibrant. Soft enamel lapel pins are known to be a cheaper option.

A hard enamel lapel pin on the other hand, has a flush, flat feel as the thin lines that separate each color are flush with the enamel in the design. The colors on a hard pin are not as vivid as soft enamel pins but they have a hard finish because they are cured under heat making them a bit more durable!

Why do hard enamel pins last longer?

When making a hard enamel lapel pin, the enamel is baked and cured at high temperature unlike soft enamel which is just air dried. It is the process that hardens the enamel thus improving its durability. If you touch the surface of a hard enamel pin, you will feel a smoothness rather than a dimensional texture.

What are hard enamel pins made of?

Hard enamel lapel pins are made from die struck iron, copper, or brass metals and enamel. It is the heating of the enamel that is the only distinguishing difference between hard enamel and soft enamel.

How to care for hard enamel pins

It’s easy to care for a hard enamel lapel pin. It’s as easy as polishing with a damp or a dry cloth material or handkerchief. Don’t use vinegar on your hard enamel pin ever as it can tarnish.

If you are dealing with a tarnish on your hard lapel pin, you should use a polishing agent. A silver polish and a light, soft cloth material should work. You can also use a jeweler’s cloth and polish. Just make sure you’re gentle while cleaning so you don’t get abrasions on the smooth surface.

What are hard enamel pins?

Hard enamel pins are lapel pins with really smooth surfaces. They are made by striking a design into metal, filling with enamel, heating to harden, then polishing off for a smooth finish and durable result. Like soft enamel pins, they have a metal separating ridge between each enamel color.

Where do you get hard enamel pins made?

You can have your hard enamel pins made at Custom Pins Now! At Custom Pins Now, we have mastered the art of hard enamel pins. All you have to do is send in your design and we will do the rest! Having produced millions of pins, we know a trick or two to ensure you get a pin you will be proud of.

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