Die Struck Pins

Die-struck pins stand out as classy since they’re generally all gold or all silver in appearance. The best part about them is that they’re as affordable as soft enamel pins but can be perceived to be of much higher value.

Die Struck Pins

Raised and recessed metal creates the distinctive look

The phrase “die struck” as a stand alone term generally implies no enamel is added. This means that they are all silver or all gold and only use the raised and recessed areas of a pin to create the desired design.

Die Struck Pins Cost

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1 1/8"

1 1/4"

1 3/8"

1 1/2"

1 5/8"

1 3/4"

1 7/8"






















































































Options & Accessories

Standard Nail

Standard Nail

Butterfly Clutch

Butterfly Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Rubber Clutch

Deluxe Clutch

Deluxe Clutch

Clutch Screw

Clutch Screw Back







Magnet Bar

Magnet Bar

Safety Pin

Safety Pin

Stick Pin

Stick Pin

Tie Clip

Tie Clip

Poly Bag

Poly Bag

Plastic Box

Plastic Box

Velvet Box

Velvet Box

Velvet Bag

Velvet Bag

Backer Card

Backer Card

Why You Should Go for Die Struck Pins

Die struck pins are stunning in elegance. Their simplicity in design is basically what makes these pins stand out the most. Although they’re devoid of color, this style is one of the most eye-catching of any of the custom pin types.

Die struck pins are made by creating a die of your design. The die is then pressed into a thin piece of metal, such as iron, copper or brass, creating the raised and recessed aspects of the design. Each piece is then electroplated with silver or gold to give it the distinctive luster and shine. Various other processes exist to create contrast in the design such as antique or sandblast. These effects help highlight the raised and recessed areas.

Because of the all metallic finish die struck pins are sure to gleam under any light source. With such high polished designs, a die-struck pin will stand out beautifully and elegantly on your hat, backpack, suit, jacket, or dress.

The best part of die struck pins is the pricing. Even with a gold or silver finish die struck pins are on the low end of the price spectrum. You get the best of both worlds in a perceived jewelry quality piece at a costume jewelry price.

Die-struck pins might not give you the option of mixing and matching colors as in enamel pins yet they are the best option if you want to bring out a truly classic design and a look that stands out. It is the distinct and subtle appearance that makes them perfect for a high end experience.

With their sophisticated styling and elegant designs, die-struck pins make perfect gifts in honoring academic achievements, corporate gifts, employee recognition programs, and in showing team pride in all sorts of various occasions and events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between die struck and digital pins

One characteristic of most die struck lapel pins is the line separated color along the metal lines. You also need a pantone book to get the desired colors in a die struck lapel. All of these are not serious concerns as you get a beautiful result with a die struck. However, photo screen or digital prints are direct, recreating the design with every detail. How to make die struck pins

Can I add enamel to a die struck pin?

Yes you can add enamel to a diestruck pin. All enamel pins begin as die struck pins, then once the enamel is added they are referred to as either soft enamel or hard enamel.

Can die struck pins only be plated gold or silver?

No. Die struck pins can be plated any color you want. While gold and silver are the most common plating options, die struck pins can also be coated with blue, green, red, black or any color you desire. These are often referred to as dye colored pins.

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