Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Custom Pins Now different?

The owners have 20+ years in the pin industry and decided it was time to take wholesale pricing straight to you the customer.  The world is so connected now, why shouldn’t you have access to the best pricing available.  The price may be cheap, but the quality is not and you still get great customer service.  So, what makes Custom Pins Now different, price, quality and service.

Do I have to have my own artwork to make a pin?

Absolutely not.  We have full time graphic designers on staff so whatever you have we will make it work.  If it is just a verbal description, no problem.  If it is chicken scratch on a napkin, no problem.  We take what you have and make it pretty, and best of all its free.

How long does it take from start to finish to get my pins?

The process really is quite simple.  Once you place your order we deliver them to your doorstep within 12 business days.

Disney Pins/Olympic pins and other trademarks?

We make our best efforts not to make pins with trademarked designs.  It is not feasible to check every logo for ownership so the responsibility falls to you to ensure you own any licensed marks or designs.  We often get requests to make Disney or Olympic pins, we are not licensed by either organization so we will not make them.

Do you make other things besides custom pins?

Yes. Pins are our specialty but we make other products like keychains, coins, finisher medals, among other stuff.  Just ask and we can let you know.

Do you charge setup, mold, or shipping fees?

No.  There are no mold charges, no setup charges, expedited shipping is free.  Generally, our price lists include all costs.  If you order accessories, or do 3D molds then there would be some additional charges, but otherwise what you see is all there is.

Can a custom lapel pin have two different metal finishes like gold and silver?

Yes! It’s a little more expensive but we can do it.

Does the pin have to have metal borders or lines around each color on hard and soft enamel pins?

Yes.  The borders divide each color and keep the different colors from running together. That is what keeps the paint in its spot.  To eliminate borders, choose the offset printed style pin or request silkscreen, which avoids the use of borders.

What artwork formats do you accept?

We will take whatever you have, but we prefer ai or eps file types that are vector-based.  All pin production requires a vector file so either way we have to convert it to vector.  If you don’t have that type, just send what you have, jpg, png, svg, pdf, docx, xlsx, etc.

Do you guarantee the quality?

Yes. We stand behind everything we make. Because each pin is hand-made there are occasional defects.  If manufacturing defects occur just let us know and we will replace the pins at no cost to you. Most errors are caught during inspection, prior to shipping.

Can I get a preproduction sample to make sure I will be happy with the end product?

Yes, you can. However, the cost is $150 as we have to make a mold, process and ship.  It is not cost effect on smaller orders.  But if you are ordering a large qty, like 5000, and the design is complicated it may be a good idea for you to request a sample for your own piece of mind.  We make pins every day, and we try hard to make the artwork look just like the pin so you know exactly what you are getting.