Who Needs Pins?

Short answer, everyone. Individuals, established businesses, startups, nonprofits, the list goes on.

Ultimately, pins help everyone with branding; which isn’t limited to branding in the business sense.

Individuals brand themselves with pins related to their hobbies, interests, overall vibe, and companies or organizations they support. For example, a person may sport a simple pink awareness ribbon pin on their backpack. Maybe their mom, sister or friend is fighting breast cancer, and that’s how they show their support. 

Alternatively, a person may have many different pins covering their denim jacket, becoming a walking billboard for everything about them. If we were to just pay attention to what was on that jacket, we could quite literally learn everything about them - the things they think about, spend their time doing, their goals, hobbies, and more.

Pins are a powerful thing for individuals, and it doesn’t stop there. For an individual to display pins of a company they support, that company needs to make custom pins.

Companies often create pins of their logo, a product they sell, a pin depicting the benefits of being a customer, the company tagline, a pin related to a viral video they launched, and more. Yet again, the list goes on.

There are many opportunities for companies and organizations to jump in on this most recent wave of lapel pin popularity.

Now that we've established the widespread use of custom pins, let’s dive into how to get started with custom pins. First, we need to discuss the types of pins available to you.

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