About Us

Custom Pins Now Philosophy

At Custom Pins Now we have a simple philosophy:

We do the work “Now”, to make you look good.

  • We respond “NOW”
  • We design “NOW”
  • We deliver “NOW”

All in an effort to help you connect with the people that matter most, whether that be employees, donors, customers, or others.

Custom pins may be small and simple, but they deliver in a big way, and that is why we need to deliver NOW.

The owners have 20+ years in the custom lapel pin business and understand fully what it takes.

We promise we will deliver QUALITY products at a great price. We can’t promise we are the least expensive but we are confident in what we do.

Our experience in the industry tells us if you deliver a good product at a good price and take care of your customers they will come back again and again. And better yet, they will tell everyone about their experience. At custompinsnow.com we do things just a little bit different, see for yourself.