20 Best Book Enamel Pins

20 Best Book Enamel Pins | Custom Pins Now

We have found the absolute best enamel lapel pins on the web for anyone who loves reading, writing, or collecting books.

What are the best enamel pins for book lovers? There is an endless array of book-related enamel pins out there, but we went through them all so that you would not have to in order to find the most attractive, humorous, and stylish pins. Anyone who loves the power of words can find some pins in this collection.

Twenty fantastic pins brought to you by artists and design companies worldwide to show off some reader pride. Whether you only enjoy reading or are an author yourself, there is a pin to represent your affection for whatever genre, character, or literary quote has most impacted your life. This article has brought together the book pins we wish we could wear every day.

Top 20 Best Enamel Pins for Book Lovers

There are so many great pins for writers that we had to break them down by type to bring you the best. Below are twenty opportunities to look amazing broken up into five categories of enamel lapel pins. You can even get yourself a cute little “bibliophile” pin by Wordforwordfactory if you want to be on the nose about it.

Beloved Books of All Genres

Whether you prefer horror, romance, comedy, action-adventure, science fiction, or something else, there are pins out there to represent the series and genres you love the most. These are our favorite picks. They come in all sizes, colors, and price ranges.

The Hobbit Pin by SJWonderlandz

A book that has left an impact on the world, The Hobbit is a beloved classic. This is a gorgeous pin with green enamel and gold metal details.

A Clockwork Orange Book Enamel Lapel Pin by Pinsanity

The book by Anthony Burgess has been transformed into multiple formats and has remained one of the most well-known dystopian pieces of fiction. This pin has black nickel details and orange enamel with a double-pin backing.

The Odyssey Book Enamel Pin by Pinsanity

Everyone, at some point in their education, has read Homer’s The Odyssey. If you love greek classics, then the pin of this epic poem is perfect for you. It has gold brass plated details and blue enamel.

Call of Cthulhu Book Enamel Lapel Pin by Pinsanity

Another great pin by Pinsanity is this “Call of Cthulhu” book, which was one of the stories that led to the creation of the entire length of Cthulhu mythos carried forward by artists and writers for nearly a century.

Favorite Authors

No matter who your favorite author is, you can find a pin of their likeness, book, or a quote somewhere online.

Edgar Allan Poe “Never More” Enamel Pin by GuDeKe

This pin has the face of Poe, along with one of his most famous written lines. It is a brass pin with a double-pin backing for extra security.

H. P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu Enamel Pin Set by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

If you love the weird and frightening worlds of H.P. Lovecraft, then you can enjoy showing off to your fellow book lovers with this set of pins that features a likeness of the author himself and one of his greatest creations, Cthulhu.

Jane Austen and Books Enamel Pin Set by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

One of the true greats of literature, Jane Austen, wrote books that have been adapted to movies, television, radio, and referenced in all manner of other fiction. She is a legend, and you can get a pin set with her likeness and her most familiar book titles.

William Shakespeare Pins by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

You cannot mention favorite authors without William Shakespeare. Whether you loved his writing or not, there is no denying the impact his fiction had on the evolution of writing. This pin set is a great gift for any fan of his many works.


Everyone has a favorite book or author quotes, and these are some of ours represented in some truly one of a kind pins.

Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte I am No Bird Book Quote Enamel Pin by GuDeKe

A woman’s silhouette with the quote and a branch of birds to accentuate it makes this a lovely accessory.

“Once Upon A Midnight Dreary” Edgar Allan Poe by Ectogasm

This is a gorgeous piece of artwork for a dark tale. This famous quote is written across a scroll for this pin giving it a classic appearance.

Ernest Hemingway Inspirational Quote Enamel Pin by GuDeKe

Ernest Hemingway knows what it is to struggle with your writing, and this famous quote is an excellent addition to any writer’s pin collection.

“I Have Lived A Thousand Lives” Book Stack Enamel Pin by Ectogasm

Wear your favorite George R.R. Martin quote that expresses how much reading has altered your life. We have all grown and experienced wondrous things through the medium of books.

Pins for Writers

Writers hold a great responsibility, which comes with frustration and adoration of the written word. These pins express those sentiments well.

“Write” Pin by ThePinsterShop

A hand holding a pen with the word “Write” really sends a strong message. This designer also offers the pin in various skin colors. We love the solid representation and the art of these pins.

“My Characters Won’t Behave” Enamel Pin by StorymakersTradingCo

Every writer understands the frustration that comes with having their character run away with the story. This fun pin is part of a Storymaker collection, so you can get the whole series.

“Mightier” Pen by RockCakes

This enamel fountain pen pin has several colors to choose from and tell everyone that your words hold power by representing that well-known phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword” for all to see.

You’re My Type Typewriter Enamel Pin by Lifebeats

The typewriter had been the authors’ tool in the past and currently remains a symbol of “writer.”

Pins for Readers

Show off your appreciation of all thing’s books with these pins.

I Love Books Pin by Strange Ways

This pin has gold metal details over a blue enamel book and proclaims to the world how much you love to get lost in the many various magical worlds available through books.

BookWorm Lapel Pin (set of 2) by Charmart

These two adorable pins would make a great gift for yourself and someone else in your life that loves to read. They are made of zinc alloy and enamel.

5 Book Enamel Pin Set by PinAlchemy

With messages like “one more page” and “my weekend is all booked,” these adorable pins may be on the higher end of the price range, but they are well worth it. The little books come in multiple colors, making them great for matching with various outfits.

Book World Enamel Pin by BookmanityShop

This stack of books being held inside a globe-stand is a perfect encapsulation of how we feel about the power of books.

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