7 Ways to Wear Lapel Pins?

7 Ways to Wear Lapel Pins? | Custom Pins Now

Lapel pins never go out of style they just ebb and flow with each generation. So as a fashion statement they will always be in style but how people choose to use them is what might change.

People wear lapel pins for different reasons and in different positions on their clothing.  Lapel pins have different meanings. These walking billboards tell others much about yourself, your beliefs, who you support, interests in life, life status and so on.

With that said, strangers can now approach you with care as they have a little insight into who you are before a single word is uttered.

For years lapel pins were only worn occasionally in formal settings but today they are everywhere. The history of pins has been loosened. The rules of wearing them only at formal events are no longer in existence. It has become an art form both good and bad.

Here are 7 ways lapel pins are specifically worn.

1 Place a lapel pin on your collar

Placing several lapel pins across that neckline of a blouse or a dress makes your look stand out. You can place a pin at the middle of your neckline, or instead, you can put the pin off the center of the neckline. In case you have more than one pin, ensure you space them, and balance their sizes.

2 Put that lapel pin on the waistline.

Alternatively, you can as well place a lapel pin on the waist other than the shirt collar. It will add a lot of fun features to a shirt or dress and attract attention to your waistline.

3 Wear a lapel pin on that collar of a suit jacket.

A suit jacket can as well look great with a lapel pin. Affix your pin on your left lapel.  Those who put on more pins, ensure to cluster them together on the side of the jacket.

Note: Do not put too many pins; attach a pin at a time but limited pins. Too much can cause a lot of distractions and can end up unnoticeable.

4 Replace the top button of a suit jacket with a lapel pin.

For a top button of a suit jacket, you can replace it with a lapel pin. It gives life to a boring suit. Adds an exciting and sparkling look. Choose a pin that is flashy or blingy to stand out.

5 Add a lapel pin to the back of your dress.

This would work best with a gorgeous dress that has a long V neck on the back. It adds eye-catching and attractive detail. Grace those formal events, for example, holiday parties, with this lapel pin at the end.

6 Add a spark to that jacket with lapel pins.

For leather and jeans jackets, you can pull a great look with lapel pins. It gives a unique and exciting look. Place the pins on the lapel or collar, the sleeves, the front side of your jacket, and the back part too. Don’t be scared to add more pins to your jacket. It will make a more significant statement.

7 Put a lapel pin on a sweater.

You can place a lapel pin at the center of your sweater. A sweater that has a V-neck would work best. You can add more pins on the sweater’s shoulder or sleeves to get a very fancy look, such a glamorous detailed outfit.

Custom designed lapel pins say more about who and what you are. It is a small pin but delivers a massive message to people around you.

These pins come with numerous designs depending on your preferences. From minimalist and clean to eccentric and colorful. No matter the selection, nothing will beat the personal touch that you represent.

Types of Lapel Pins.

Deciding on a lapel pin that is just right all comes down to your personal preference, the occasion and what you are trying to say. For style, color, and size, here are a few rules for you to consider as you choose you design your lapel pin:

Metal pins

Always ensure to match the metal you select. For instance, cufflinks, lapel pins, tie clip, watch, rings, belt, and any other you might be wearing. You should either be all silver or all gold.

Bright, colorful commemorative pins

For bright pins, wear a neutral look for the pins to match best. Ensure you don’t clash the colors and look like a clown. Get to understand color theory always to have a great impression on others.

Pastel pins or flowers pin

Pastel pins are discrete and can only work best when matched with other accessories. For instance, you can blend a green pin with a blue suit. However, you can as well work with your lapel pins.

Remember that the whole reason for putting on a lapel pin is to highlight the physical and facial attributes. The main intention is not for people to stare but to ensure it integrates with your outfit to attract attention to the part that matters most of your body matters the most; the face. However, note that less is more. Do not overdo with the pins.

When to wear a lapel pin:

These days, this is entirely up to you, from traditional to modern events. There is almost no event whereby you can rock a lapel pin. However, it’s advisable to understand the kind of event before wearing a pin.

How to dress up a lapel pin.

Pins are the most significant part of an outfit that adds sparkle and color to your look. A straightforward, fashionable look or wear to show off the movements that you support. Organizations you work with, awards you have won, and more so the kind of things you associate with. You can also add a commemoration pin to add some sparks to your backpacks, ties, scarves, and hats. These are the guidelines.

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