Custom Pins: Supporting American Natives

Custom Pins: Supporting American Natives | Custom Pins Now

You can support indigenous tribes and their amazing art by shopping from verified online and in-person retailers that host American Native artists.

How can you find custom Native American enamel pins? You can find pins that have messages supporting American Natives and artists and retailers that offer products created by native people. Some sites list hundreds of local and national artists providing these products to make it easier to find them.

Whether you are an indigenous person yourself and looking to buy from artists in your community or if you would like to take a more active role in supporting the people who have lived here for centuries, there are sites and pins available. We have brought together a comprehensive list of sites that host authentic American Native artwork and pins.

Shops and Pin Artwork by American Natives

This is not a complete list, and there are still plenty of other artists out there, but we want to make it easier to connect with and support shops created and maintained by indigenous individuals or organizations. The following sites will take you to what pins they have to offer, but there are many other unique accessories on each one. A brief explanation of their history, tribe connection, and products are included.

Palms Trading Company

The Palms Trading Company is a place with Navajo sterling silver and turquoise animal-inspired pins. These beautiful pieces are inspired by nature and created by the artist Bennie Ration.

Alltribes Indian Art

The Alltribes Indian Art site has Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo vintage-inspired pins of sterling silver, turquoise, onyx, pink shell, and other stones. There are various artists featured, including Lawrence Saufkiev. The pins range from animal representations, patterned designs, and people.

Indigenous World

You can find Hiawatha and Mohawk pins in the Indigenous World shop. These are small-sized flag pins to show your indigenous pride.

Akta Lakota Museum and Cultural Center

The Akta Lakota Museum and Cultural Center has a lot of excellent resources, information, and artwork. They have small sterling silver medicine wheels and animal-inspired pins available for purchase in their store. It has a section where you can donate to support American Natives.

Native Indian Made

The Native Indian Made site offers a wide variety of pin options that claim to be authentically produced Navajo and Zuni tribe accessories. The primary materials featured in these products are sterling silver, turquoise, and various decorative stones. They are beautiful pieces of animal shapes and traditional patterns.

T.Skies Co-Op

The T.Skies Co-Op is an online fashion site that sells jewelry by American Indians. They have over a dozen artists that you can support by buying their work. They also have a virtual online Indian market for various vintage pieces that take place regularly. You can find everything from pins to necklaces and earrings during the market.

Manitobah Mukluks

The Manitobah Mukluks has some gorgeous beaded pins for you to buy. They are by various artists, including Kimberly Gill, Michela Carriere, and Crystal Behn-Dettieh. The materials range from moose hide, seed beads to porcupine quills. Most of them are variations on the poppy flower, although there are a few other designs.

Eighth Generation

Eighth Generation is a fashion-forward online shop with a host of American Native supportive pins by indigenous artists. They have enamel pins with messages like “stronger together” as well as animal-inspired pieces. These are beautiful pins that would look great with any outfit.


The NTVS is a hip place to find all sorts of fashion clothing and accessories. Most of the pins are of classic American Indian logos and brands, but there are also a few that have tribe imagery. You can also find

Salish Style

The Salish Style pins are some of our personal favorites. There is a lot of stunning iconography on these little pins. They sell clothing, masks, dishware, accessories, blankets, backpacks, and much more with the Salish tribe patterns and imagery.

Urban Native Era

The Urban Native Era store is an apparel retailer that supports all native communities. They have a variety of pin options, and all of them are designed to represent American Indian artists and tribes. They have some gorgeous hummingbird pins that would have you standing out from the crowd.

Individual Pin Artists

Below are some notable individual pin artists with an indigenous heritage that use their platform to support the American Native community. We love their artwork and encourage you to look at more than just their pin options. We have written out a brief description of what each has to offer and how they are related.


This is an in-person shop owned and operated by a Native family. You can visit their store if you live in or near Helena, Montana. They also have some awesome authentic enamel pins in their online store.


The artist is a half-Hopi who creates beautiful artwork and designs to support the American Native community. One of our favorite pins is the original Hopi Maiden Lapel Pin. You can find other accessories and some amazing apparel for sale on their Etsy page. This shop’s listed goal is to bring awareness to the broader American culture.


The owner of this shop is from the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation. There are some great button pins with messages of support as well as beaded pins with colorful traditional-inspired patterns.


These Mohawk made and inspired pins are created by a husband and wife team. At the moment, they only have beaded poppy pins, but their work is exquisite.

Buy Other Products From Indigenous Artists

If you would like to support indigenous artists from all over the country, then you can buy from them for other accessories and beauty items. To find out about specific artists and stores that feature authentic American Native products, you can check out Beyond Buckskin’s excellent link list. They have jewelry, decor, artwork, beauty supplies, food, drink, music, and books, among other subjects all linked to places owned and operated by American Indians.

There are other pages and sites full of resources for showing your support for American Natives. You can also add your voice if you are a part of that community and want to increase awareness. Creating new and amazing pin artwork is one way to do that.

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