Do Bikers Wear Enamel Pins?

Do Bikers Wear Enamel Pins? | Custom Pins Now

This is a funny question; Do Bikers Wear Enamel Pins?  Why?  Because at PinProsPlus, bikers are some of our best customers.

There are millions and millions of enamel pins sold every year to church groups, individuals, teams, corporations, organizations, non profits, and yes even Bikers.  I mean Harley Davidson, leather jacket wearing bikers.  Enamel Pins are everywhere and you cannot believe all the different people that buy them.

One day at PinProsPlus a big, gruff, unshaven, whiskery, handlebar mustache, hair coming out of the shirt, leather jacket, flaming patch, intimidating sort of gentleman came into the shop and wanted to order some enamel pins.  It was quite the interesting experience talking with him and understanding his purpose.  Bikers love to ride their motorcycles, have rally’s and rides, and typically collect biker pins to commemorate each and every ride they participate in.  

What you might not understand is that Bikers, despite their rather rough exterior, are some of the most tender-hearted people and do much good in raising awareness and funds for different charities.  They rally together and use their biker unity to magnify the efforts of causes for women, children and other notable purposes.  

Just to give you a flavor of the type of rally’s and rides bikers may participate in, here are just a few.  You may be familiar with the name and or the associated cause.  Either way hopefully it gives you a bigger picture of these biker enthusiasts.


Maybe one of the most well known events in the country.   An annual event culminating in one of the largest gatherings of bikers to North Dakota.  It includes the Mayors ride through the Black Hills to generate funds for the Sturgis Volunteer Fire Department and Police Reserve.

Ride for Kids

An event that consists of 37 rides held simultaneously across the country and used to raise funds to support the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Ride for Life

this event covers seven eastern states and is sponsored by Harley Davidson.  The purpose is to benefit those with Muscular Dystrophy in the 7 participating states.

Ride for the Red

A relatively new ride that has already grown to 350 plus riders in just five years.  Sponsored by the American Red Cross in Kansas.

Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom

Literally thousands of bikers join in on this ride to rumble through Washington, DC to raise awareness and support for prisoners of war and those still missing in action.

Enamel pins are a meaningful part of these types of events, not because the pin is amazing in and of itself, rather because the pin represents a reminder of a simple act of giving.  The pins are small and simple yet become a token that can be worn on their leather jacket to remember their participation in the event.  As the pins are worn each one tells a story that can be told over and over again by its biker owner.  It builds unity and pride amongst all who participate.

It might also be of interest to know that most bikers are weekend warriors.  They live normal everyday lives as accountants, doctors, school teachers but on the weekend they can put on those leather chaps and jackets hop on a Harley Davidson and let their wild side show.  Maybe you are one of them.  

Either way, the next time you see a biker – take a closer look at their leather jacket and you will probably see numerous pins.  Take a moment to ask them about one and listen to the story they will tell.  Hopefully, now you know that Bikers wear enamel pins and you have a new appreciation for the work they do.

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