How to Ship Enamel Pins Anywhere and Grow Your business?

How to Ship Enamel Pins Anywhere and Grow Your business? | Custom Pins Now

Picture this, you’ve started an enamel pin business, and you’ve even managed to get a few orders. The orders, however, are spread out within different regions. This brings forth a question that every enamel pin distributor must ask as the business grows, ‘how to ship enamel pin?’

Today, the use of enamel pins has significantly grown. This means there’s a broader base of customers waiting for a business that can efficiently ship the enamel pins to them.

However, even before you think of how to ship enamel pins, you’ll encounter a number of obstacles. Some of these hindrances include finding the right shipping service, understanding the shipping cost, and delivering quality to your enamel pin customers.

Once you understand these hurdles, fortunately, you’ll easily be able to ship your enamel pins worldwide.

Let’s delve deeper into enamel pin shipping hurdles you may face along the way and discover how best to overcome these challenges and services to help you along the way.

Enamel pin shipping problems

1. Packaging

Enamel pins are relatively small accessories but not small enough for first class mail. This means you may find it harder to ship them, especially if you’re shipping small quantities.

So, how should you package the enamel pins when you’re shipping them over a long distance? The simplest way is finding sturdy envelopes to solve your packaging needs.

Depending on the transportation mode and distance traveled, you will need to consider the quality of envelopes you will use as you can assume, they will be tossed about and stacked upon on during the journey to their destination.  Don’t go too cheap it may bite you.

To overcome this hurdle, you can have your enamel pins’ base rate clearly displayed on your website. Along with a way to calculate shipping, or an estimator tool so there are no surprises on the cost, and you ensure you cover your cost of that higher quality packaging.

This way, you don’t have to worry about your customers location since they’ll have all the relevant information and again you don’t end up footing the shipping bill.

2. Quantity

Due to the growth and popularity of the internet and technological solutions, you order enamel pins from almost any corner of the world.  This view of the globe as one large marketplace has both an upside and a downside.

The upside is with a simple website; you can reach countless customers and prospects from all around the world. This will help you grow your enamel pin business, and perhaps start you on a journey of establishing a worldwide business.

There’s also a flip side you shouldn’t ignore, and this is the volume of pins shipped.  The heavier the box, the more expensive the shipping.  If you fail to properly estimate the shipping costs, you may end up running your business to the ground from making small shipments to far off places.  Remember there are additional costs to ship internationally.  You know the tariff battles in the world, you’ll be walking right into them.  Each country typically charges to import things in, and for many countries is a big part of their revenue – you just have to be prepared.

The best way to approach this is to either put a minimum quantity order to ensure your not shipping 1 I pin internationally that might cost you $50 or have the customer foot the shipping bill. In most cases, businesses opt for the customer to cover the shipping cost. This is an effective strategy as you only have to worry about the logistics. As long as the package gets to your client safely, your business will continue to thrive.

When you ship in bulk, you’ll reduce your package’s chances of getting lost, misplaced, or even damaged. The shipping agent will also be more inclined to take care of your shipment as you’re bringing them good business.

3. Security

Just how secure are your enamel pins? Can they withstand a fall or being squeezed together with other products? The answer to this question hinges on a number of factors, most prevalent being the material used when producing the lapel pins.

No one wants to receive a shipment where the lapel pins are broken or damaged. This will only lead to customer dissatisfaction, consequently affecting your business negatively.

Thus, the best way to ensure your shipment maintains its structure and quality is by choosing a reliable shipping service.

How to navigate enamel pin shipping problems

The truth is, there is no one blanket solution to solve your lapel pin shipping problems. However, with a bit of creativity and help from external sources, you’ll easily overcome these transportation problems.

Here are a few solutions for the common enamel pin shipping obstacles.

1. Get an e-commerce website

As mentioned above, having a functional website will significantly help your enamel pin business. A website will open your business up to customers from all over.

However, not just any website will do. The best and most recommended website is an e-commerce site geared to handle all the pricing and shipping challenges. A good site really does improve the customer experience and will bring them back again over and over.  Shopify is a standard in the industry, and you can’t go wrong with this platform.  It will even help you with the shipping costs.

2. Don’t forget logistics

Contrary to what most business people think, your interaction with the customer doesn’t end when the customer buys your enamel pin. On the contrary, up until the point when the customer gets the product, you should always be in the know on the status of the shipment.

This means you can update the customer if there are any delays, or even notify them when the shipment arrives. By staying on top of the logistical matters, you force the transportation firm to stay on track. This will ultimately win you points with the customer. And who knows, they might end up buying more enamel pins from you, giving you a positive review, and even spreading word on your business’ efficiency.

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