Public Speaking Lapel Pins: Remember the Message

Public Speaking Lapel Pins: Remember the Message | Custom Pins Now

You can improve any public speaking message by pairing it with a simple but memorable enamel lapel pin that embodies the speech ideals.

How can pins enhance public speaking events? You can wear a related pin to broaden your message’s reach and create a more significant visual impact for the audience. They make excellent accessories for fundraisers or business speaking engagements. Patriotic pins such as flags are commonly worn for political speeches and there are many pin options for speakers.

Giving a speech can be a nerve-wracking task, and having something like an official pin to provide you with confidence can help it go smoother. Lapel pins are beautiful, professional, and can work to underline whatever message you are trying to express in your talk. You can find many relevant types of pins already available for sale on sites like Amazon, or you can easily customize your own pins to make a bigger impact.

They are useful for both the speaker and the audience. Pins can help keep you on task if you have public speaking anxiety. They are easy to use as focal points to keep yourself in the moment instead of stuck in your own head.

Public Speaking Lapel Pins Remember the Message

Pins have a remarkable ability to take up very little space while still drawing the eye and holding attention. This is useful when it comes to keeping your appearance on topic for a given occasion. You can use these accessories to provide weight to whatever point you are trying to make.

Share Your Message

Be as direct and straightforward as possible in your pin choices so that it is clear that what your pin says or shows is meant to enhance your message. Quotes are common depending on the topic, and there is usually a simple icon or symbol that can encapsulate the gist of what you are trying to say. Wearing these kinds of pins means that you will still be sharing your message as you go about your day hours after your actual speaking moment is over.

Show Patriotism

If you find yourself responsible for speaking at a public event for the military or related organization, then it is customary to wear a pin for that branch, organization, and flags or other symbols of patriotism. Lapel Pins used for these types of public affairs should be professional in appearance. It is best to look traditional than colorful when showing your patriotism.

Political Affiliation

Most political rallies and conventions have pins for sale or as door gifts for attendees, which feature the party imagery. These are used as a form of free advertising as attendees and speakers wear the pins to show support for their party. Flag pins are also worn, especially during official political campaigns.

Local and national political candidates usually have their own custom pins with party-line quotes, images, and other symbols unique to that particular person and their political views. An excellent example of this is the

Raise Awareness for a Cause

Everyone knows about the colorful ribbons that people wear to bring attention to a specific cause that has some deep meaning for them. A good example is the blue pins that bring awareness to bullying. Some colors can have multiple colors, and these types of pins are common for fundraisers meant to educate people on specific causes.

There are also other forms of awareness that you can use pins to express during public speaking occasions. For example, wearing a lapel pin with the recycle symbol shows how much you care about the environment. You can even make custom pins with a compelling line of your speech quoted on them.

Educational Events

Most high schools and universities have speaking events throughout the year. Pins that support the school are standard for these speaking events. This can include things like the school name, graduation class year, or school sports mascot.

Depending on what the talk is about, giving out pins to the audience can be a great way to continue the conversation between attendees after the speech is done. Pins can make educational conventions, award ceremonies, and other meetups more official and can be sentimental reminders for people who receive them.

How to Custom Design a Pin for Public Speaking

There are a few common-sense rules to follow when designing a custom enamel pin to wear during a public speaking event. They should not be too big with an average size of an inch, which keeps it from being too distracting. This allows it to be seen without drawing too much attention away from what you are saying.

Make sure the design is easy to link to your message. Whether through traditional symbolism (e.g., awareness ribbon for fundraisers, flags for patriotic events, etc.) or completely original designs (e.g., your business logo or motto, etc.), you want to make sure there is a clear visual connection between your lapel pin and whatever topic you are speaking about. Common pin choices include the following.

  • Logos, business names, or department mottos
  • Military branch pin
  • Flag pin
  • Awareness pin
  • Quote pins

When to Order Your Pins

If you have a specific event you want to give pins out at and wear them for, then you should be sure to order six to eight weeks in advance to ensure it reaches you in time. The bigger the order, the more time it will take to process, but we can fast track individual orders if you have a last-minute event that requires custom pins. However, there have been quite a few shipping delays due to COVID-19, so the earlier you order, the better the chance it will be delivered before your event.

Bulk orders of several hundred pins are our most popular sellers. If you have any questions about how long your specific order is likely to take, you can reach out to our team of experienced support agents for further details. We have express shipment options as well to speed up the process.

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