Support The LGBTQ+ Community with a Lapel Pin

Support The LGBTQ+ Community with a Lapel Pin | Custom Pins Now

Lapel pins are one of the best ways to show your LGBTQ+ pride. You can personalize them and show love and support for the gay community.

How can you show your pride with LGBTQ lapel pins? Many fantastic pin artists have LGBTQ+ series of complementary pins that you can wear to show your pride. Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ yourself or are an ally, pins are a great way to show the world how you feel.

There are other extended acronyms like LGBTQ+, but they all represent the gay community. You can use colorful, tasteful pins to express how you feel. This article will go over the kinds of pins available, how you can wear them, and how you can go about making your own customizable LGBTQ+ pin.

Types of LGBTQ+ Pins

There are many various types of pins, and they are all amazing. Whether you are into round button pins or sleek enamel pins, there are great designers out there, and we want to help hook you up with some killer pins. These are some of the most popular types of LGBTQ+ pins being sold online and in stores.

Pronouns and Gender Identification

Being able to proudly proclaim your gender or pronoun identification is going to encourage others to do the same. There are some amazing artists out there, such as ThePinPalClub, the metal Shopboymonsta, and the beautiful GENDERGEMS, to name a few. No matter what gender or pronouns you associate yourself with, there are funny, smart, sarcastic pins to represent it.


Everyone loves a good sense of humor and being able to combine a cause you care about, and a humorous image or message makes for an eye-catching pin. You can find funny and quirky pins all over like this “Galactic Gay” astronaut pin from Gloriousweirdo or TheBrooklynVibe’s gay agenda pamphlet. There are written messages and visual memes just waiting to be pinned to your exceptionally fashionable lapel.

Classic Pride

A rainbow flag pin is as classic as it comes in terms of pride accessories, and RainbowandCoUK has some great options on their shop. ThePinPrick also has rainbows in variations of the pride flags (e.g., trans, lesbian, gay, asexual, etc.). You can go with the classic message of “love is love” from shops like GirlPartyShop.

LGBTQ+ Imagery

You can get some great loud and proud imagery at Abprallen, or you can get some cosmic space love from WitchPins with their gay universe pins. If you want a tiny way to show your love at the workplace or out and about, you can get one of Compoco’s adorable tiny heart rainbow pins. Anything can have the pride colors added to it, from animals to objects, so there is no limit to what new pin style you can choose from.

Words and Acronyms

You can get whole phrases to pin to your jacket and show everyone how you really feel. RosieDeVilleCo’s “I’m too ace for this” is a personal favorite. “We’re all a little bit gay” is a popular message, and RainbowHeadquarters has a beautiful variation with a flag and flowers. You can also create a custom message and create your own pin.


There are plenty of openly gay celebrities and pop culture personalities. You can buy one of their official pins to support them, make your own, or find a shop that offers your style of pin of your favorite celebrity crush. If you really appreciate the person, then it is best to support them through a charity that benefits the LGBTQ+ community whenever possible.


Allies have their own fantastic pin artists, including the adorable ones offered by GilliansGiftShop while YeahandYeah has some great rainbow and transgender “Ally” pins, and LucyBirdy has some understated but perfect flag button pins. If you want a pin that stands out, try a slice of cake in the color of your preferred LGBTQ+ flag designed by BunMuffin. Try one or all of the above and turn your next outfit into a true statement piece.

Incorporate Your Hobbies and Work

You can get pride pins that represent your interests so that others in your field can appreciate your support. For example, ProudScience has some epic rainbow science pins. Whether you are a bookworm, sports enthusiast, gardener, or animal lover, there are related pride pins in all the colors of the rainbow.

Popular Shops and Artists

We have already listed quite a few quality shops and artists, but there is no such thing as too much love, so we are going to keep sharing some of our favorites. These are also great places to get inspiration for creating your own custom LGBTQ+ lapel pins. There are many other stores and shops online and in-person that supply gay pins, but these are some popular ones.


We have already listed quite a few Etsy shops, but it is one of the most common places on the web for unique artist content. The shops below have overall gay-related pin themes and many gorgeous options. Most also have other accessories you can use to give your outfit some more color.


This is an on-demand site, which means that the individual artists do not have to worry about printing out hundreds of pins. This also means that you will get your pins pretty quickly depending on what shipping option you choose. This is only one of the popular on-demand sites, but others like Zazzle have similar products.


DeviantArt has supported individual artists and allowed them to sell their artwork and commission works of all kinds for over a decade. You can see whole portfolios for the pin artist on this site, and one thing that sets it apart is that there are usually creator bio pages that give you a deeper introduction to the artwork and what it means to the artist.

It takes a little more searching, but you can find incredible artwork like that of KittyIsAWolf.

How to Wear Your Pride Pins

You can wear your pride on your literal sleeves if you want, but the following are the most common ways to wear pins. You can choose to get a lanyard, cover your entire jacket, or just wear a few tasteful pins on your lapel. There are an infinite variety of looks.


Many people choose to use a lanyard to wear their pin. This gives them a convenient place to permanently place their pins without having to worry about them being snagged on clothing or accidentally unpinned with exertion. It is also a great way to keep everything attractive and organized.

On Your Hat

Hat pins are trendy, and wearing an LGBTQ+ accessory in your hat will really stand out and draw attention. They work great on any kind of materials from beanies to baseball caps and everything in between. This is a great way to show off your new pins.

On Your Jacket

The great thing about using your jacket to show off your pins is that there is so much real estate. You can put them on the lapels, in rows along the buttons, down the arms, over the shoulders, or across the chest. You can change out your pins so that the same jacket looks like a new fashion piece every time you wear it.

Over Buttons

There are enamel pins with bent leg backings which allow you to fold them easily around your clothing buttons. This is a great way to upgrade a fashion look or add a bit of color and gay pride to your shirt or jacket. The backing is pretty secure, so you will not have to worry about accidentally losing your new pins.

Designing Your Own Pin

Maybe you are preparing for a fundraising or awareness event and want to have customized pins, or maybe you simply want your name in rainbow colors. Whatever the case, you can easily design and order a unique pride pin. If you are an artist, you can also create an individual pin or series to sell.

Where You Can Set Up Shop

You can use any of the sites we mentioned above, where you can see that artists have taken over with their beautiful designs. You can add yours to the mix and bring your brand of attitude and humor to the pins on offer. By far, the most common site for posting up a shop for individual artists is Etsy.

How to Market Your Pins

You can use the built-in marketing ads and campaigns available on the different sites, or you can use your own social media prowess for marketing your work. Either way, you will want to make sure that people are aware that you have some great things to offer. Word of mouth is also a huge marketing boost, so wearing your own pins when you are out and about is sure to garner some interest.

Where to Order From

You can choose to set up a shop with an on-demand site like Redbubble, or you can go another way and bulk order several hundred pins then sell them after the fact. If you choose to order them first, there are hundreds of great sites online that offer various materials and special feature options. A quick Google search will pull up all the popular ones like Custom Pins Now.

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