What is a Custom Pin - Is it Feminine or Masculine?

What is a Custom Pin - Is it Feminine or Masculine? | Custom Pins Now

Pins can be customized to represent anything or anyone, including gender complimentary messages.

So, are custom pins feminine or masculine? There is no specific gender associated with pins in general, but there can be some individual pins meant to send a masculine or feminine message. These can be meant as fashion accessories, pieces of a uniform, or political statements, to name a few uses. They are not gender-specific outside of the design.

Pins are often worn to either show support of a social ideal or to celebrate events that are assigned certain genders by default (e.g., sports pins are often seen as masculine while kawaii pins are seen as feminine, regardless of the actual gender of the wearer). There are millions of pins and dozens of popular categories, including the following.

  • Disney
  • Music
  • Historical and classic pins
  • Geographical locations
  • People, places, and things
  • Holidays
  • Pop culture and themed pins

Out of that sample of what you can expect to find when buying, selling, or customizing pins, it is obvious they are, for the most part, not gender-specific. The vast majority of them will fall under these types of categories.

Gender-Neutral and Gender-Specific Pins

As a whole, pins are largely gender-neutral. They typically relate to a hobby, interest, or cause that someone feels very strongly about. In that sense, there might be some masculine or feminine qualities to a degree though there are certainly no guidelines for what gender is or is not allowed to wear certain ones.

Below we have provided a few examples of pin categories that might appear on the surface designed to appeal to men or women. Anyone can wear them. You never have to let gender norms control what kind you want to create, order, or proudly wear.

Feminist Pins

Pins are an excellent way to get a political or social message across. Pins have been used to express feminism for decades, starting with those worn by women who started the suffrage movement. Everything from empowering feminist mottos and images to specific brands or portrait pins have been used to express an appreciation for feminist subjects.

Famous People

Famous feminist icons like Malala Yousafzai have their own pins already available from various online retailers, but you can always use their likeness to create custom pins to show your appreciation of their hard work and dedication to equality. There is also a plethora of fictional characters like Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman with pins highlighting their strength as women.

Powerful Quotes

Words are powerful, and there are a significant number of feminist quotes that have changed the world. You can find them or use your favorite quote to create your own customized design.

Strong Feminist Imagery

There are plenty of pin sets that share themes from zombies to feminism. One excellent example is this seven-pin set that celebrates women, which you can find on Amazon. You can cycle through a set of feminist imagery or cover your lanyard, lapels, or bag with these awesome pins.

Pins Traditionally Collected by Men

Some subjects are more masculine than others, and they tend to attract more men than women pin collectors. Despite their implied gender slant, anyone can appreciate the following pin categories. They are some of the most popular around the world.


Sports pins are everywhere. If you are looking to order custom pins for a sports team that is co-ed or made up of women, you can relax with the knowledge that sports are becoming more and more gender-neutral. It is still more common for men to be keeping an eye out for classic and new sports pins.


Uniform military pins are gender-neutral, but men are more likely to collect them. This especially applies to rare and old war pins. When it comes to actually wearing or displaying these pins, they are entirely gender-neutral.

Masculine Groups and Organizations

Freemasonry is an excellent example of an organization with a huge thriving community that is geared almost exclusively to men. Certain groups are also statistically more likely to be led by men instead of women. These include hobbies, business associates, and formal clubs like the following.

  • Men only sport teams
  • Traditionally male-centric trade skills like engineering, mechanics, or draftsman
  • Male dominant business fields such as industrial designers and construction leaders

These are examples, and some women take part in them as well though in smaller numbers. This means related pins are often perceived as masculine.


There are many options for expressing multiple forms of gender using pins. The LGBTQA+ community specifically has a lot of pins designed to be all-encompassing so that no matter how a person identifies, they can buy or make a pin that represents them. Literal gender symbols, pronoun preferences, and related iconography are popular themes among these types of pins.

Pins for Gender Pronouns

In the last few years, there has been an enormous push in equality for gender fluid, gender-neutral, and gender queer people to find acceptance. One way this has been seen is the use of gender pronoun identifiers that are visible (e.g., bracelet, shirt, pin, earrings, etc.) that list a person’s preferred pronouns. Examples of this are him/he, /them/they, and she/her, among other variations.

Pronoun pins are currently trendy, and they are easy to customize to fit anyone. You can bulk order some for your school, workplace, or social group if this is a cause you find meaningful, and you want to make them more accessible. There are also thousands of retailers that currently offer variations of these pins.

Custom Pins and Gender Customized pins are neither masculine or feminine and can represent anything you want. That is the true beauty of being able to fully be in control of designing and ordering your own enamel lapel pins. You can use your creativity to express yourself.

CustomPins and Gender

Customized pins are neither masculine or feminine and can represent anything you want. That is the true beauty of being able to fully be in control of designing and ordering your own enamel lapel pins. You can use your creativity to express yourself.

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