10 Reasons Why Enamel Pins Can Be Great for a Business

10 Reasons Why Enamel Pins Can Be Great for a Business | Custom Pins Now

Any business would benefit from having enamel pins for their employees or clients. They are professional and a unique way to spread a message.

What are ten reasons why enamel pins are great for business? They are an excellent, creative way to connect with employees, guests, and potential clients. You can use them for marketing campaigns, reward incentives, and even as fun little gifts for visitors. Enamel pins are affordable and can be used in many ways.

Whether you are a business owner looking for a new way to bring a bit of color to your store or you need something to make your next marketing campaign shine, pins are a fantastic option. They are great for sending a message that you are a hip business that goes the extra step to connect with employees or clients. They can be adapted for almost any type of service offered.

Pins are commonly seen in almost every business for things such as nametags or brand logos. There are various ways you can utilize pins to grow your company or increase team loyalty. Below are our ten favorite ways that enamel pins can be great for your business.

1 – Way to Identify Loyal Customers and Guests

You can have loyalty programs that involve gifting your customers and guests with specific pins when they reach a particular goal. This can make them instantly identifiable to employees and fellow customers as a frequent user of your services. This is also a free way to advertise when they wear the pin out with their friends and family.

Having loyalty tiers could mean various pins as one progresses, or the gifts could become more expensive as they go (e.g., a hat for tier one, pin for tier four, watch for tier ten, etc.). This gives your customers something to work towards, and they will be more likely to keep on spending money and using your business. Loyalty programs are a proven format.

2 – Use Them to Build Your Brand

If you are a new brand name or have recently moved to a new location, then using enamel pins as a way to draw attention and increase interest can help grow your local brand image. You can even offer them as gifts so that your brand name or logo can be worn anywhere. While these are not as affordable as logo pens, an enamel pin does make an unforgettable brand gift if you want to give them out, so select individuals who visit your store or business.

3 – Add Them to Your Product Shop

Enamel pins are a huge item with collectors, and business pins, in particular, are bought, sold, and traded regularly. Having them available in your gift shop or online is a great way to get people interested in your business while also offering pinheads, something that they want. You can even provide for certain products that you sell to include a free logo pin as a bonus, giving the customer something cute and exciting while also providing your business a free marketing opportunity.

4 – Use as an Employee Reward

Employees like to be valued, and offering reward programs for those who excel can be a great perk. Enamel pins that identify employees who have done exceptionally well at their job or have reached some specified goal (e.g., five-star rating by name from customers, etc.) are a great way to improve team morale. They are a very cost-effective and easy way to show that you appreciate your employees and all of the time and dedicated work that they put into your business.

5 – Spread a Message

If your business has a specific motto or a theme, then you can use an enamel pin as a way to spread that message. For example, if you are an eco-friendly business and want to show that you care about the environment, you can use enamel pins because their creation process is eco-friendly. No matter what message you would like to send out into the world, a lapel pin is a fun and creative way to do it.

6 – Spruce Up Your Employee Uniforms

Many businesses are using enamel pins and button pins to give their employee uniforms a bit of fun and color. There are limitless ways you can use pins to improve the look of a neutral looking uniform. One example is the way in which Walmart and other big-name retailers encourage their employees to wear buttons and pins with their logo.

7 – Use Them for Unique Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is all about pulling people’s attention away from competitors and to your products or services. A creative image on an enamel pin or a well-worded message can do more than video or radio ads. People wear them around their friends, and they make excellent conversation pieces so they can do the lion share of the marketing for you through word of mouth.

8 – Instant Image Appeal

We cannot skate around the fact that enamel pins look fabulous. They are colorful, bright, cheery, and can go with pretty much any type of fashion. This is why people around the world collect these adorable little accessories, and you can add your business to the many that already offer pins as products or gifts.

9 – Quick and Easy Gifts for New Guests

You want new guests to stick around to keep using your service or buy your product. A free gift or very affordable keepsake is a great way to help them remember what you have to offer. It might not be cost-effective for your business to give away enamel pins to every new guest, but they can be provided to specific high potential or hot leads.

10 – Celebrate Holidays or Significant Business Events

Holidays or significant events (e.g., tenth anniversary of your business, etc.) are a great excuse to spread your name using a beautiful little pin. Themed enamel pins are also attractive to collectors. You can offer them to employees, business partners, or customers as a way to commemorate the occasion.

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