10 Ways to Keeping Enamel Pins Looking Like New

10 Ways to Keeping Enamel Pins Looking Like New | Custom Pins Now

Whether you are a custom pin designer or someone who buys, sells, or trades collections, you will want to keep them looking brand new for as long as possible.

How can you keep your enamel pins looking like new? Be careful not to use chemical cleaners on them as they can ruin the enamel layers. Airtight storage containers can help keep the metal details from tarnishing, and when on display, keeping them out of direct sunlight can avoid UV damage that causes discoloration.

We all want our pins to look like new for as long as possible, and there are some steps you can take to make sure that happens. Proper storage, cleaning, and display etiquette can help your pins last for much longer without losing any of their shine.

10 Ways to Keep Enamel Pins Looking Like New

We have broken down ten different scenarios that pin lovers often find themselves facing. They all can leave your pin looking a little worse for wear, so we have provided some steps that you can take to ensure that your pins stay looking sharp. The material your pin is made from and what type of protective layers it has will help determine the best ways to keep it clean and safe.

1 Loose Pin Backings

You can fix loose pin backings by using superglue to strengthen the base. One of the easiest ones to use is a super glue pen because they have a fine tip, so you can make sure it is only applied to the area where it is needed. This keeps your pin looking new.

2 Cleaning Your Pins

When cleaning your pin, you will want to be very gentle. Avoid polishing soft enamel pieces and instead, use a cotton Q-tip to remove any debris carefully. Hard enamel can be polished using jewelry polish.

You should avoid using household cleaners with their harsh chemicals or natural cleaners like vinegar. Both can ruin the enamel.

3 Display Cases and Storage

To keep your pin looking brand new, you will want to store them in airtight containers. They should be kept out of direct sunlight, which has UV rays that can discolor the paint. Pin storage containers should also be kept in a room temperature, dry place.

You can show off your pins using a variety of different methods, including the following.

  • Display box with drawers
  • Standard display box
  • Pin folio bag or book
  • Flags and other fabric holders for pins

4 Shipping Pins Safely

When shipping Pins to customers or friends, make sure that they are individually wrapped and sent with packaging that has an inner line of foam or bubbles.

5 Conventions and Trade Shows

Everyone wants to show off their favorite enamel lapel pins when they attend events with other people with the same appreciation for the hobby but wearing them, especially quite a few at once, has the potential to increase the risk of damaging or losing one. For this reason, you want to keep your most valuable pins in a pin folio or other storage container rather than wearing them on your clothes or a lanyard while attending an event. You may have people asking to look at your pins, and it is best to display them carefully rather than allowing multiple people to touch them since fingertips have oils that may damage the enamel.

6 Pin folios For Storing and Transporting Pins

A pin folio is a book or bag that usually zips closed, and inside there are pages that are meant to hold multiple pins at once. Each page consists of a foam, paper, or cardboard insert with pinholes evenly spaced in rows. There is also a protective film that lays overtop, which keeps the pins from being scratched or exposed to the air, humidity, or other damaging aspects of the environment.

7 How to Wear Pins While Keeping Them Looking New

The hat, outer layer of your clothing, or a lanyard are the most common places people wear their pins. While wearing pins, it is always possible that they may get caught on something, come loose, or be subjected to treatment that might harm them in some way. To cut down on the likelihood of that happening, you can wear them in more secure places. The shirt or coat lapel is a great place since it is rarely subjected to rough treatment. When wearing pins, always take them off afterward and store them in an airtight container until you want to wear them again to lower the chances of the metal tarnishing.

8 Cleaning the Metal

Pins have metal detailing, which can tarnish when subjected to humidity or the open air for long periods. The best way to fix this is by using jewelry polish and a microfiber cloth. You can avoid tarnishing by storing your pins in an airtight container or by polishing them during regular cleaning.

Pins should be stored properly when not being actively used to protect the mental and enamel paint from getting damaged by the environment. There are plenty of products meant to bring back the shine in jewelry made of metals that you can use in the pin details.

9 Ordering Extra Custom Pins

When ordering custom pins for yourself, it can get a good idea to order one or two extra in case there is a problem during shipping or you find yourself needing replacement due to damage. Chipping, gouges, or scratches in the enamel paint can be challenging to repair, so if you need the pin for a specific event, it can be best to get several.

10 Uses of Lapel Pins That Doesn’t Require Wearing Them

We have already mentioned pin folios, displays, and trade shows, but there are a few other ways you can use lapel pins without wearing them. You can use them as decorations on accessories like bags, purses, and laptop cases. A few other things that can hold your pins and create a beautiful display include items listed here.

  • Corkboards
  • Pin pennants
  • Embroidery hoops with the fabric of your choice
  • Lamp shades

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