3 Clutch Options For Your Custom Pins

3 Clutch Options For Your Custom Pins | Custom Pins Now

Lapel pins have served as symbolic pieces for decades. Not only are such accessories stylish and fashionable, but enamel pins also serve as a great advertisement for your business. Despite their beauty, custom lapel pins are only as good as the clutches that secure them to clothes and bags. Consider these types of back ends when choosing your custom enamel pins.

1. Butterfly clutch

The most commonly used pin backs, the butterfly clutch secures the lapel pin to garments via 'wings'. Easy to use, the two wings have to be squeezed together to both secure and release the clutch. Light in weight, one of the main benefits of the butterfly clutch is its ability to be worn alongside other custom lapel pins. In fact, these sorts of pins are ideal for placing in a cluster.

2. Rubber clutch

Newer to the market, rubber clutches have a tighter grip compared to butterfly backs. Suitable for securing lapel pins to bags or jackets, they are also lightweight. However, perhaps their biggest benefit is that they are safer and more skin-friendly than metal varieties. It's important to note that their grip can loosen over time, but they are a great non-invasive solution.

3. Deluxe clutch

Deluxe clutches have pin backs and there are several shapes available. Commonly divided into two types (ball top and flat head), they have a spring-loaded mechanism that clamps securely against the pin post. This design means lapels are less likely to become loose, so it's nearly impossible to knock the lapel and lose it accidentally. It's important to note that although they are considered the more secure option, they are bulkier in size than butterfly and rubber clutches.

Which clutch will you choose?

Ultimately, you will need to consider a number of factors before making your decision, but no matter which clutch you choose, the best enamel pins will always leave a good impression on the viewer. Custom Pins Now can help you design the perfect custom lapel pin that best represents your company. Get your creative juices going and get started with a consultation for custom enamel pins today.

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