3 Common Uses For Lapel Pins

3 Common Uses For Lapel Pins | Custom Pins Now

Lapel pins have more uses than you might imagine. If you're wondering how you can use lapel pins to your advantage, check out these three ways in which you may use lapel pins.

1. Giving employees recognition

In an effort to keep your employees content and productive, you need to recognize their achievements. One simple way to do this is to give lapel pins as tokens of appreciation. Design a pin that highlights the reason for the award, and you can make your most valuable employees feel appreciated. Typically, managers or business owners use pins to reward employees who meet certain sales goals or receive promotions.

While there are other ways to show your appreciation, few of the methods are as effective or affordable as lapel pins. For instance, a certificate of recognition remains in the employee's home or office. But a pin goes with them wherever they go. Everyone in the office can learn about their success, and that motivates other workers to perform at their best. Additionally, the relatively low cost of the pins makes them more affordable than bonuses or trophies.

2. Sell trendy collectables

Today, you can sell almost anything on the internet. If you're looking for a product you can sell on your website, you might want to consider ordering custom lapel pins. With the right design, you can attract buyers from all walks of life. Because the pins cost less than larger merchandise, selling them does not come with a high start-up cost.

Lapel pins are particularly popular. When a design catches on, word spreads quickly. It may not be long before you're making a profit and placing orders for even more pins. After a short time, you can expand your store.

3. Show support for an organization

At times, lapel pins are used to show support or membership to an organization. If you're in charge of an organization, you can have custom pins made to give your members a sense of pride and purpose. As they broadcast their support of your organization, members might attract new prospects.

If you're ready to use lapel pins to improve your business or organization, contact Custom Pins Now. We're ready to create your lapel pins.

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