5 Baby Shower Enamel Pin Ideas

5 Baby Shower Enamel Pin Ideas | Custom Pins Now

Baby showers are special events, and they can be made even more enjoyable by adding custom pins for the new mom or visiting friends and family.

Are you going to throw a baby shower and need some custom enamel pin ideas? We have you covered! There are plenty of opportunities to show off your custom accessories that can tease at the gender of the baby or congratulate the mother-to-be. There are multiple ways that pins can be used to make the day unforgettable.

Whether you are the one throwing the baby shower or if you simply want to bring a very memorable gift, there are plenty of pins to choose from. Traditionally pastel colors such as light blue for boys, pink for girls, or gender-neutral yellow are used along with imagery to represent the baby’s sex if it is known (e.g., trucks for boys, flowers for girls, etc.). There are also plenty of non-traditional colors, messages, and pictures that you can use when customizing your pins.

5 Baby Shower Enamel Pin Ideas

Most of the time, pins are either given as gifts to the mother-to-be, or they are worn by all the shower guests. They make for beautiful or fun party favors and can be included with games and other shower events. Below are our favorite ways you can change things up by bringing custom enamel pins to the party.

Baby Gender Reveal

Often times, there will be a gender reveal moment during the course of the baby shower. You can use custom pins as a way to tell attendees outright or give clues to the gender of the baby. They can be simple colors with “boy” or “girl” written on them or if a name has been picked out that might be printed. Pins with the simple message “it’s a girl/boy” are quite popular as well since they are easy to buy from an online retailer through sites like Amazon.

Some people do not want the gender of the baby revealed, and this can be played with when making the pins. Usually, when no gender is given, then both masculine and feminine colors are combined, sometimes with a question mark as an indication that no one is sure which it will be until after the shower.

Remember the Date

You can commemorate the date in pin form and add personalized details like name or gender along with the month, day, and year. These can be great gifts for anyone since the shower is usually only for people who are close to the mother. They can also be used to mark the upcoming birthday of the baby with something like “winter baby” or “spring baby.”

Party Favors

A lot of baby showers have small giveaway bags with fun gifts for anyone who attends to help them remember the event. They are little sentimental tokens, and the thought is more important than how expensive they are, which makes them fun, cost-effective party favor options.

As a Gift for the Mother

If you are a friend of the mother and want to bring a baby shower gift of customized pins, there are some great options. You can choose to focus on the coming baby, motherhood, or any other significant factor of becoming a parent. Below are a few pin ideas.

  • Baby animals are an evergreen favorite among baby shower gifts
  • If the baby’s name and gender are already known, you can list them on a pin along with appropriate symbols or icons
  • Generic “happy baby shower” pins are also quite common, and you can design them to be in the new parent’s favorite color and font.

Playing Games

There are a number of entertaining baby shower games that can involve pins. A common one has every attendee assigned a pin when they arrive, and they are told a word they should avoid saying (e.g., “baby,” “shower,” or “mother”). Anyone who catches them saying that word gets to steal their pin, and whoever has the most pins by the end of the night wins.

For games like this, it is straightforward to design a pin. You can make one with the word on it that should not be spoken or a generic image such as a baby, flowers, or baby animal.

Several Things to Consider

Now that you have some ideas of how you can use pins to create fabulous baby shower gifts, there are a few things to consider regarding the ordering and dispersal of your custom pins. These include figuring out the best timeline for ordering, deciding on a perfect design, and keeping your pin secure once it arrives. Most online ordering forms will also give suggestions for materials and explain any limitations (e.g., number of enamel paint colors per pin, etc.) to make the process easier.

When to Order Your Custom Baby Shower Pins

If you already have a set date for the baby shower, then you will want to plan on creating the pin designs and submitting the order at least a few weeks in advance. The more time you give yourself, the less stress there will be if there are shipment delays or unforeseen processing issues. It is best to provide yourself with three or four weeks between when the order form is filled out and when you would like them to arrive at your door.

Contracting a Designer

If you cannot decide on a design for the pin, then you can look around on the web for inspiration or commission it with a professional artist. You will need to have the complete pin design before filling out the online pin order form as it will need to be uploaded. It is best to choose designs that do not require many details or excessive amounts of colors.

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