5 Things to Include When Making Enamel Pin Backing Cards

5 Things to Include When Making Enamel Pin Backing Cards | Custom Pins Now

Having a one of a kind card that features your logo and contact information can work to expand your brand. It is a physical representation of your online site.

What should be included with pin backing cards? The card is prime real estate for showing off your links and products to new or reoccurring customers. While the card’s aesthetic is essential, what you add to it could be the difference between getting a new sale or not.

The enamel pin backing card can do the same work as the business card that you would give out in a traditional store. This gives you the chance to show them more of your available works by sharing things like your social media handles, where they will see more of your products. Contact information and accentuating brand awareness is the ideal way to take advantage of a pin backing card.

We will assume you already have a custom pin designed. If you have not yet completed your custom pin order, then you can find out more about the different styles of pins and how to customize them on this page. The following sections will explain how you can personalize pin backing cards so that they can make a statement while enhancing your pin’s appearance.

5 Things to Include When Making Enamel Pin Backing Cards

Backing cards are necessary for storage and shipment when you are selling your own custom pins, but they also serve another critical function. They are a way to market your products and grow your brand. Not only can these cards be made stylish and unique, but they can also help to spur prospective or current customers to check out more of your work and potentially spend additional money in your store.

Show Your Creativity

This card is an opportunity to expand on your creative vision. You have made a custom pin, and now it is time to give it a home by making a card that compliments the pin and gives a sense of your brand’s aesthetic. Minimalism works best for this particular forum since the card is so small, and the pin itself should be the center of attention.

Create a Coherent Message

Your website may have a specific cause or message that it is trying to promote, and there is enough space on the card for a pithy, well thought out statement that can enhance it. This can also mean translating your message onto the card through imagery or physical design (e.g., a car pin with a card shaped like a car). For creators that do not currently have a go-to look, it is easy and affordable to commission an artist who will be able to bring a spark of beauty and excitement to your backing cards.

Your Logo

In some cases, the pin itself might be your logo but do not let that stop you from using it on the backing card. The more places your logo can sit, the larger the number of people who will see it. Should you not have a logo, there are plenty of tutorials for creating an elegant, eye-catching one that will be simple enough to fit on the card.

Contact Information

By adding in either your email or website URL, you will be providing the customer with an easy way to reach out if they have questions about their purchase. It also provides them with an easy way to share your site with their friends and family who might admire the pins. Social media accounts like Instagram should always be added to the backing card if you have an account for your pins because these sites have active pin communities.

Be Memorable

There should be something memorable about your card, whether it is a fun color scheme, stand out font, or some other aspect. An excellent example can be seen on this Honey Bee Enamel Pin, which features artwork that compliments the pin and centered text on the top and bottom, which show the pin name, site name, and identifying information for the store. All in an adorable package.

Ensure it catches the eye because that can be the difference between someone scrolling past or adding it to their cart.

Discovering a Look for Your Card

The best way to get inspired and find good ideas for what will work for your pin backings is to look at the imagery, logos, and text on your site and product pages. Then do a little perusing online to see how other creators are using their backing cards to make an impact. Some cards are cut into custom designs to accentuate the pins, others are minimalist to a strict degree, and you can use their ideas to brainstorm your own custom printed card.

Making Your Own Backing Cards Vs. Ordering in Bulk

When you are first playing around with fonts, colors, and placements, it is best to make them at home. You can make them by using cardstock in a laser printer. There are plenty of free pin backing card templates online that you can use to make sure they are a standard size.

Once you have a pin backing card that you love, and that perfectly encapsulates your store and brand vibe, then you can look for manufacturers that offer bulk orders. You can specialize the card to fit any of the pin backing options. This will allow you to sync up your bulk orders so that you will be able to put together the pins and backing cards before shipping them to your customers.

Ordering Bulk Pins

Now that you know what should go into creating a fantastic pin backing card, it is time to think about your next round of pins. You will need to be ready to fulfill new customer orders while providing the new or improved backing. The great news is that once you get your backing card design created, you can bulk order more of them at the same time as the pins and send out sleek, professional products.

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