6 Unique Ways to Use Lapel Pins at Schools

6 Unique Ways to Use Lapel Pins at Schools | Custom Pins Now

Enamel lapel pins have a lot of applications. Pins are worn by students, teachers, and families for school and after-school events. They can brighten up a wardrobe or spread a message.

So, how can schools use lapel pins? These accessories make excellent event gifts, fundraiser items, and they can also support school bands or sports teams. Clubs, organizations, and friend groups can show off shared interests and creativity through customized pins.

Custom enamel pins are easy to design and order in bulk, so even larger schools can enjoy the benefits of being able to express ideas and a shared appreciation by donning unique, custom pins. There are many situations where it would be useful to show support by wearing a symbol or design. Team sporting events, school award ceremonies, and fundraisers are just a few scenarios where customized lapel pins would be a great way to connect with a community of like-minded people.

If you love pins and have been looking for an excuse to introduce your friends or coworkers to these delightful little novelties, we have some helpful ideas. Below are a few ways you can present enamel pins on campus. Whether you are a teacher, student, or parent, there are plenty of ways to incorporate pins into school life.

6 Unique Ways to Use Lapel Pins For School

This is not an exhaustive list of how to use pins to make a school event more fun or meaningful. However, they are our personal favorite ways to use pins at school. You can design, order, and sharing your love of lapel pins with schoolmates and faculty using one or more of these ideas.

Fundraising Opportunities

Every year there are internal school fundraisers and events for the community to raise money for specific charities. Pins are a fantastic way to increase excitement and spread the word. A few examples of how enamel pins can be used during fundraisers include the following.

  • Giving them away as gifts for anyone who pays to attend the event
  • Designing meaningful, relevant messages or imagery and then selling them to attendees
  • Providing pins for the fundraiser volunteers or staff to wear as a way to acknowledge their hard work

After School Clubs

You can show off your journalism pride or math club status with a stylish and attractive pin. This can be a fabulous gift idea for anyone in a club to show how much you value fellow club members. They are great for events like competitions with rival schools.

Support Your Favorite Sports Team

School sports are a massive part of life for millions of young people and adults around the world. You can show your love of individual sports or local school teams by wearing their emblem on your lapel. These can also be a great way to foster a sense of community and raise funds for school events.

School Pride

Enamel variations of a school mascot, name, or even graduating year are common ways students and teachers show their school pride. You can order ones for you and your friends, or the school might be the one ordering them for certain years or classes. Either way, lapel pins are a genuinely excellent way to express appreciation for individuals and entire groups.

Award Recognition to Teachers and Students

Graduation day pins are quite popular as gifts from friends and family members as well, so if you know someone who is about to graduate, you can get them and their classmates custom pins to commemorate the occasion. This is a quick and affordable way to make a priceless memory. Gifting a pin to a favorite teacher or staff member can go to show how much their time and dedication meant to you.

Raise Awareness

Whether you want to get more people supporting your local animal shelter or let them know about a significant event, you can raise awareness by wearing it on your uniform or bag. Most popular causes like breast cancer awareness have specific months or days set aside for them on the U.S. calendar. You can schedule your order and disbursement around that time to increase the impact.

How Do You Protect Enamel Pins?

If you have a school pin that you like and do not want to lose or accidentally damage, there are a few practical steps you can take. Replace the backing with one that has an internal locking mechanism to make sure it stays in place regardless of movement or strain. You should also make sure you keep it stored somewhere safe and secure.

If you ever want to polish up your pins, do it with a soft cloth and avoid using household cleaners as the chemicals can ruin your enamel pin.

Pins and School Uniforms

All schools have uniform policies, so be sure to check first before wearing a potentially problematic (e.g., political, religious, symbolic, etc.) pin to your school. If there are no specific criteria for accessories like enamel lapel pins, you can decide which type of pin would work best for your needs. There are various backings (e.g., magnetic, butterfly clutch, etc.) and several styles to choose from, including soft and hard enamel.

Ordering School Pins

For bulk ordered pins designed to show off your pride for specific events, teams, or people, it would probably be best to focus on quality and affordability. By choosing a clutch back and soft enamel, you can save some money and production time. Hard enamel pins require more coats of paint, which adds to the overall length of time it takes to complete an order.

It is also best to order well in advance if there are specific school events where you want to give them out or offer them for sale. An order of 100-200 pins can take anywhere from a few weeks to a month, depending on order details and shipment.

When in doubt, reach with any concerns to the manufacturer’s custom support agent, and they will be able to help you determine the best number, size, and shipment for your order.

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