8 Things to Know About Tie Pins

8 Things to Know About Tie Pins | Custom Pins Now

Tie pins are one of those fashion accessories that have gone in and out of style.  But knowing when, where and how to wear them is important.  If you do it right, they never go out of style and serve a valuable purpose.  

That said, here are 8 things to know about tie pins.

What is a tie pin?

A tie pin is just like a lapel pin except it has a longer nail on the back and a locking deluxe clutch to keep it from falling off.  Typically, the face of a tie pin will be smaller than a normal lapel pin at .75 inch in size.   If it is too big it will look funny on the tie.  

The nail on the back is 10mm long which is longer than a normal lapel pin because it has to poke through the thickness of a tie and the shirt.  Many men think the tie pin is just supposed to hold the large and small part of the tie together when in fact it should also attach to the shirt to keep the tie from flopping around.  A locking deluxe clutch is used as the attachment to ensure the clutch does not fall off resulting in a lost tie pin.

Are tie pins cheap?

Yes, you can find cheap tie pins.  Most jewelry departments in the big box retail chain stores will have costume jewelry for sale.  You will be able to find tie pins cheap – ranging in price from $1.00 to $15.00 per piece.  For a higher end look, check out men’s fashion stores like Men’s Warehouse to find high end or precious metal tie pins. These tie pins will range from $10 to $100.  

Tie pins make a cheap gift for groomsmen or other men groups.  In this case you would want to purchase tie pins in bulk.  You could expect to pay about $5.00 per tie pin for a purchase of 50 pins.  The advantage to this option is you get to fully customize the tie pin to match the event.

What are tie pins called?

Tie pins go by different names, tie pin, tie bar or tie clip.  While each of these perform the exact same function, that of keeping the tie attached to the shirt, the method of attachment is what distinguishes them from one another.

  • A Tie pin has an 10mm nail and a deluxe clutch attachment.
  • A Tie bar has a slide attachment and attaches to the tie by sliding it over the tie and shirt.
  • A Tie clip has a claw attachment and attaches to the tie by pinching to open the jaw and clasp the tie and shirt.

How do you wear a tie pin?

Very few people know the correct way to wear a tie pin or tie clip.  This is why you probably see tie pins in a myriad of different positions.  Since no one really knows, if you think it looks good, put it where ever you want.  But, the official position of a tie bar or tie pin should sit between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt.  Essentially it sits right over your sternum.

What’s the point of a tie clip?

Most men think the purpose of a tie clip is to hold the large and small part of the tie together.  But the real purpose is to hold the tie to the shirt to prevent it from flopping all around.  By attaching it to the shirt it keeps the tie in proper position and allows you to look good regardless of your movement.

What size tie clip should I get?

Tie clips come in various sizes ranging from 1 inch to 2.5 inches long.  The reason for this difference is ties are different in width.  You never want your tie clip to extend past the end of your tie.  This is a fashion no no.  The tie clip should extend approximately ¾ the way across the tie.  So, based on the width of the tie you can choose the size of the tie bar that will fit correctly.

Can a lapel pin be used as a tie pin?

Yes, a lapel pin can be used as a tie pin.  As noted above, the only difference between the two is the length of the nail on the back and the deluxe clutch.

A lapel pin has an 8mm post.  A tie pin has a 10mm post.  If your tie isn’t particularly thick the 8mm post may work just fine.  Just remember the deluxe clutch attachment is the most important piece as it will ensure the pin from fall off or worse yet losing the clutch and poking your skin.  A deluxe clutch can be used on an 8mm or 10mm post.

The other consideration when using a lapel pin as a tie pin is the size of the face of the pin..  Many lapel pins are 1 inch or bigger in size, whereas a tie pin will typically have a .75 inch or smaller pin face.  The bigger the face of the pin is, the more awkward it will appear.

Is a tie clip formal?

Absolutely.  If you are going to a formal event such as a wedding, a prestigious business event, a formal dinner a tie clip is a wonderful accessory to highlight your ensemble.  We would recommend that you keep it to a conservative, understated, and elegant looking piece rather than something that will attract a lot of attention.

Tie clips can be a nice accessory, and if worn right never goes out of style.

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