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Pins are an excellent tool for expressing your religious preferences and personal beliefs beautifully and straightforwardly.

Can you get a pin for every religion? There are sites that supply religious and faith-inspired enamel pins for every occasion. Enamel lapel pins can identify you as a faithful member. Some belief systems even have pins that are a part of their chaplain uniform.

Religious pins are a massive business with multiple supplies offering only spiritual-related lapel pins to their customers. You can find these online and in certain specialty shops (e.g., Christian bookstore, etc.).

Popular Religious Symbols Used for Pins

Almost every religion accepts jewelry and fashion accessories that feature iconography based on their beliefs. Spiritual individuals who want to be able to share their devotion with strangers and fellow believers will often wear pins as a way to identify themselves. We have created a list of the most common Symbols used for pins in the following religions.

Christian Symbols

Most of the images and symbols used to represent Christianity come from various historical sources. Here are some of the most commonly seen in enamel lapel pins specifically. This is not an exhaustive list but pins that you are likely to see in person or online within shops that cater to Christian customers.

  • Short or bible verses and popular Christian sayings are often put onto button pins. This includes the abbreviation of “what would Jesus do” WWJD and other short messages that voice one’s faith.
  • A Fleuree, Latin or Celtic cross
  • A lamb often represents the lamb of God or a lamb lying with a lion to represent a popular verse from Isaiah in the Christian bible.
  • Ichthus fish
  • A dove which symbolizes the Holy Spirit
  • The star of David
  • Individual words are often used, which have significance in the belief of Christians, including faith, love, healing, disciple, etc.
  • Armor, shield, and sword that represents the way that the Word of God is used to protect His followers
  • Angels are also very popular to represent guardian angels or specific angels within bible lore
  • The Christian flag is also quite popular as is the bible

Muslim Symbols

  • The Crescent and Star which symbolizes progress, knowledge, or peace
  • The word “Allah” is also quite popular and is a visual representation of the religion of Islam

Jewish Symbols

  • The Chai symbol for good luck featured within the Star of David, which is commonly seen on Jewish enamel pins
  • Luchot, the Two Tablets are worn on the uniforms of Jewish chaplains
  • Several other common Jewish symbols are the Menorah, Torah scroll, the word “Maccabee”, and a combination dove and olive leaf.

Hinduism Symbols

  • The symbol of Aum is incredibly common among Hindus and is the physical representation of the sound chanted during puja, which expresses Brahman
  • The Sri Yantra or Shri Chakra which represents the bond between masculine and feminine
  • The Veena, a stringed instrument, which represents several things, including art and learning
  • A few other common symbols include the Brahman, Ganesha, and the Trishula

Buddhism Symbols

  • Dharma Wheel which has eight points symbolizing the Eightfold Path, which leads to peace
  • The lotus flower which means enlightenment and purity
  • The mandala means eternal harmony
  • Several other symbols commonly found in Buddhism are a treasure vase, two golden fish, and a victory banner

Sikhism Symbols

  • The peaceful symbol of Khanda is common and represents a union between the believer and God
  • Ek Onkar that portrays a belief in one God

Where You Can Purchase Religious Pins

Sites like Amazon and online retailers have various options for purchasing spiritual-based pins. Most of them are Christian in origin, but there are some for other religions as well. Etsy is a fantastic site for finding unique and beautiful enamel pins for any religious belief, and various other print-on-demand sites offer pins with religious options.

In-Person Suppliers

Most religious bookstores will have a section dedicated to accessories like bookmarks, pins, and magnets. Wiccan and pagan shops will also usually have pin symbols for their specific belief system. Other religions that have independent shops will often feature accessories such as pins for sale.

Customization Options for Special Events

Should you be planning to hold a special event for your congregation or certain groups in your church, then having a customized pin to remember it by can make things more special. There are plenty of religious summer camps and retreats that offer pins as a way of memorializing the occasion. Getting custom-made pins for your religious gathering is easy, and there are dozens of companies online where you can order bulk amounts for an affordable cost.

Policies Regarding Religious Pins

There are a few places where openly wearing pins that show off your personal beliefs might be frowned upon. That includes professional work environments and uniform centric organizations such as the military. However, in most countries, there are some concessions made to cater to employees’ personal beliefs, military personnel, and government officials where appropriate.

Religious Pins in the Workplace

Most workplaces have HR concessions for allowing certain types of religious items on the job, including jewelry or accessories like pins. Some businesses and countries have laws protecting freedom of expressing religious beliefs, others do not, so you will want to check the religious-related laws and guidelines in your area and work to see how they will affect you.

Wearing Religious Iconography in the Military

In most militaries, there are exceptions for allowing muted or unobtrusive religious representations in the form of lapel pins. This is not always the case and is dependent on each country’s freedom of expression. The United States military allows for the wearing of religious jewelry or accessories during worship service events.

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