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Enamel pins are fun, interesting, and can be found anywhere, but one of the best places to find enamel pins is on a backpack.  From elementary school to college campuses students of all ages carry backpacks, and if you look close most have anywhere from 1 to 10 cheap backpack pins displayed.  Cheap pins for backpacks are a trend, a fashion, a way to say something about your personality.

Don’t be confused with the term cheap pins for backpacks.  Most students are scarce on money so cheap is a normal term in their vocabulary.  The only word more popular than cheap might be FREE pins for backpacks.

Cheap might conjure up a negative connotation, but that’s far from the truth.  Cheap also means “less expensive” which is just a nice way to say cheap.  Enamel backpack pins are exactly that, less expensive or affordable to the average student.  Most students spend $5 a day for lunch, and another $5 a day for snacks.  All they have to do is go one day without snacks and they can afford a cheap backpack pin.  

While some enamel pins may cost $10-$20 per pin, there are many enamel pins you can purchase for $5 or less.  Keep reading and we will discuss where to get cheap pins.

Cheap Trading Pins

Another use for backpacks and cheap pins is little league softball.  

Every player comes to the park with a glove, cleats, a ball, towel, socks, and other personal items so it only makes sense they carry a backpack to hold all these things.  And you guessed it, they also decorate their backpacks with cheap softball pins.

Cheap trading pins for softball are a trend in and of themselves.  Most little league softball tournaments include activities that get the kids to interact with one another.  Softball pin trading is one of these activities.

Typically, softball teams will create a unique pin for their team.  It will include their team name, team colors, and the state they are from.  It might also include their names or player numbers.  Each player on the team will have 10-20 pins that they will then trade with players from the other teams at the tournament.  By trading pins, they get to know the other kids and remember them because of the pin they received.  It’s a tradition that happens both in little league softball and little league baseball.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the Little League World Series.  The tournament is big, but trading pins might be bigger.

Where to Buy Cheap Pins

Enough about the pins, buying enamel pins cheap is what we promised so let’s explore where to buy cheap pins.

There are two ways to buy pins:  individually or in bulk.  

Individual pins, which we often call stock pins, means the pin has already been made and is available for immediate purchase.  There are a few custom pin companies that produce stock pins, but most individual pins would be purchased on Amazon or Etsy.

The phrase “cheap enamel pins amazon” or “cheap pins amazon” is a good way to search the internet for what is available for immediate purchase.  Pins purchased on Amazon will range from $1.00 to $30.00 depending on the pin itself.  Another phrase you may consider is “cheap lapel pins no minimum in stock”.  You get the picture.  By using a few key words, you can narrow your search to exactly what you are looking for.

Bulk pins are the other way to buy.  This means you are buying more than one pin, and in most cases more than 50 pins of a single design.  You may be able to find the bulk pins on Amazon, but in most cases, you will purchase directly from a custom pin company that will create a pin based on your own design.

There are many custom pin companies on the internet.  Most companies have a minimum of 100 pins per order, but some like will offer a minimum of 50 pieces.

The benefit of buying in bulk is you get to create the pin and have it be exactly what you want.  If you are a little softball team, they would want a pin with their team name and colors.  If you were a club, you would want your club information on the pin.

Just because you buy in bulk doesn’t mean it’s expensive.  You can definitely find cheap pins and buttons for sale.  When you buy 100 qty of pins, the average pin cost drops to under $3.00 per pin.  So, it is very affordable.  If 100 is too many then come to Custom Pins Now and we will sell you 50.

Cheap Enamel Pin Ideas

We can’t just talk about backpack pins without giving you examples of various backpack pins that people already search for.  These pins may not be the ones you specifically want but they help your creativity in deciding what backpack pins would be right for you.  These are broad categories but will help.

  • Funny sayings – think of your favorite movie quote
  • Vintage pins – pins that replicate old style themes from the 80’s
  • Pins of your state – people are always proud of their state.
  • Animal pins – what is your favorite animal, dog, cat, horse, frog, pelican, fish, you name it.
  • Area of study – maybe you are going to be a nurse or an accountant
  • Sports pins – baseball, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, bowling.
  • Anime pins – maybe this is your thing
  • Meme pins – these have been very popular as of late.
  • Patriotic pins – all sorts of flag pins
  • Club pins – design a pin for your club to unify everyone

This is just the beginning of possibilities for backpack pins.  Millions of cheap pins are made every year. Some are made for events; others are made to sell either way these pins often end up on Amazon or Etsy or someone’s backpack. So, join the pins for backpacks craze and decorate your backpack with all the pins that let people know who you are and what you are interested in.  Happy pinning.

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