Where To Buy Cool Pins For Backpacks And Jackets

Where To Buy Cool Pins For Backpacks And Jackets | Custom Pins Now

Wearable flair, cool pins, cute pins, regardless of what you call them they are all trendy pins and they are everywhere just look at a backpack or jacket and odds are you will see some.  Where do you find these unique accessories?  That’s what this article is all about.  Where to buy cool pins for backpacks and jackets.  These hidden treasures are out there, you just need to look, and you will find the perfect cool pin to make your backpack or jean jacket sparkle.

If you don’t have a backpack or jean jacket, no worries, you can pin them on just about anything.  But you have to admit a backpack full of pins or a jean jacket full of pins is sort of, well, cool.  

Click here and you might also find a COOL BACKPACK you can use to start your collection of cool pins. Or click here for a COOL JEAN JACKET.

After all, if you’re going to make a fashion statement with cool pins you have to have a place to display them.

Pins make people smile, they are fun, cute, wild, interesting and cool and help you stand out.

The first pin I remember seeing was the red emoji 100 pin, which seemed to start the ball rolling.  Even cooler pins have continued to surface over the past couple of years.  There are some pretty creative designers expressing themselves in the cool pin category.  Meme pins, emoji pins, quote pins, famous people pins, 80’s and 90’s pop culture pins are all the craze and you don’t want to miss out.  

As promised here are some pin companies that have made their mark selling creative cool pins.  You only have to browse for a minute and I’m sure something will catch your eye or generate a chuckle or two.  The best part, cool pins range between $8 to $15 dollars so they won’t break the bank.


l specifically noticed the quote pins, you might see a saying that expresses exactly how you are feeling.

“I have no idea what I am doing.”

“Bye, Dwight

“I’m a mess”

Ron Swanson – “I regret nothing”

Vizzini – “Inconceivable”


At Pinmart you will find cool pins and more.   They have 1000’s of everyday use pins.  So, plan on browsing around for a while.  You’ll find normal mixed in with cool.

Flag pins

Flower pins

Recognition pins

Animal pins

Wizard Pins

Wizard pins has a good collection of pop culture pins, some of which include:

A mug, that says “World’s best boss”

Orange creamsicle with a bite out of it.

Forge ice coffee cup with straw.

Pintrill Pins

Why buy only one, and that’s where pin sets come into play.  Pintrill offers themed sets so find your theme and automatically you get 5-8 enamel pins to start.  Just to wet your appetite, here are a few.

Cute cartoon pins for kids

Cute plant and rainbow pin set

Planet spacemen and robot set

RIP design set

Proper Panda

Are you a fan of “The Office”, then Proper Panda will have some you will like.

Jim Pin

Dwight Pin

Dunder Mifflin Pin

The Office Pin

Rip Designs

Rip designs is another company that puts together unique sets of pins based on a theme.

The outdoor set

The introvert set

The meme pin set

The pop culture set

Besides the companies listed above, there are many artists who have side gigs that produce cool pins and sell them.  Once you start searching and browsing around you will begin to see so many pin options it will become hard to decide which ones are right for you.  

Everyone has an opinion, a belief, a style that is right for them and pins help you to express those things in your own way.

Can I design my own cool pins?

If you don’t find the right pins, but have ideas of your own, then designing your own cool pins would be the next step.  

Don’t let designing your own pins scare you.  Too many people think it costs too much money, or they don’t have the knowledge or they don’t have the time.

These are fear questions.  The reality is anyone can get their own pins made.  AND IT’S EASY!!.

Custom Pins Now, is a company that specializes in making other people’s pins.  We try to teach and educate people in the process so everyone can enjoy making pins.  We know it isn’t right for everyone so we offer the suggestions above to help those people find stock pins that can be purchased.  

But, if you are remotely interested in making your own cool pin, here is the process made simple.

3 easy steps for making your own cool pins

Step 1:  Have an idea.  You don’t need to draw it; you only have to have an idea.

Step 2:  Email sales@custompinsnow.com and let them know you want to make a pin.

Step 3:  They will ask you a few questions like:  

Do you have a design?  
How many pins do you want?  
What size pin do you want?
When do you need the pins?

See below so you know how to answer.

Do you have a design?  The answer is yes, you have an idea.  Just describe what you want and they will take your idea and create a FREE artwork proof for you to review.  It really is free and it really is that easy.  If you want a dog pin with an umbrella, just say that and that is what you will get.

How many pins do you want?  Just say 50 pins.  I say 50 pins because that really is the minimum order.  You could order 100, 200, 500 or more, but I wanted you to know the minimum.  50 pins will cost you typically $4-$5 per pin.  Not so bad.

What size pin do you want?  Just say I don’t know, unless of course you do.  Pins range in size from .75 inch to 3 inches.  The most common size is 1 to 1.5 inch.  They can help you decide on the size based on the design and what you plan to do with them.

When do you need the pins?  This should be the easiest question.  Pins take 2-3 weeks from the date you order to the date they show up at your front door.  Unless you have an event, you are trying to meet, just tell them you want them in the normal time frame.

Now you are a cool pin expert.  

You have links above to find cool pins online and purchase single pins.  And you have the steps above to create your own cool pins.

All pins really are cool, because every pin has a story.  Make a statement with your own cool pins.

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