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Any person that has had a career in the military, most likely has a collection of unique challenge coins from those years of service.  The challenge is, what now?  How do you display challenge coins?  Are there display cases for challenge coins?  The answer is yes. 

You might be surprised to find that a few skilled woodworking craftsmen have made a hobby out of creating display cases for challenge coins.  They have put their talent to work creating beautifully crafted wood display cases that come in all shapes and sizes.  These display cases really are works of art that you can display in your home and be proud to show off and tell the stories of your distinguished career.

Display cases for challenge coins are sometimes hard to find as they are made in home wood shops rather than found in local stores.  Because of this we are sharing a link to some challenge coin display cases you might find interesting.

Even if you only have a single challenge coin, there is an acrylic display that is designed for one.  Click here.

What is a Challenge Coin?

A challenge coin is a small medallion that can be displayed or carried in your pocket.  Originating in the military as a way for a commander to recognize a soldier.  The commander would pass the coin to the soldier while shaking his hand.  Challenge coins range in size from 1.5 to 2-inch in diameter and approximately 3mm thick.  Coins are double sided and display various information on either side such as motto, a unit name, or other graphical representation.  Today’s challenge coins come in full color, with a base color of gold, silver or copper.  

How did Challenge Coins Start?

These simple symbols of recognition first saw action in the Vietnam War and were initiated by the Army, amongst one of their special force’s groups, most commonly thought to be the 10th Special Forces Group.  The initial coins were nowhere near the quality of coins seen today and consisted of a simple currency coin stamped with a logo or name.  However, receiving a challenge coin then or today still inspires pride.

Another story goes that coins may have been used to distinguish friend or foe and prevent infiltration of spies.  If you could not produce the coin, your identity was questioned, much like individuals producing a driver’s license today.

What is the purpose of a challenge coin?

Once challenge coins gained more widespread acceptance in the military other traditions surfaced.  One such tradition was the “coin check”.  Entire units were encouraged to always carry their respective coin.  If a coin check was called, everyone had to produce their coin to avoid having to buy drinks for everyone else.   Coin checks were permitted anytime and there were no exceptions to the consequences.

Can Civilians have Challenge Coins?

Yes.  Today challenge coins continue to have popularity amongst all branches of the military and have gained in popularity with law enforcement agencies, fraternal orders, and corporate entities as a way to say thanks to their employees, customers and members.  This particular use may not have the same meaning or purpose as the military but are non the less popular.

How much do Challenge Coins Cost?

Challenge coins range in price based on the size and quantity ordered.  The minimum order quantity is 50 coins which you would expect to pay anywhere from $7 - $9 dollars per coin.  If you are able to order in much larger bulk say 1000 coins you could expect to pay anywhere from $2.50 to $4.00 per coin.  Again, pricing depends on the size and quantity ordered.

Can anyone buy challenge coins?

Yes, anyone can buy challenge coins, however, the purpose and intent of a challenge coin IS to recognize and commend it so it is best to have that in mind when deciding to purchase challenge coins.  

In today’s world the challenge coin has such a broad use that you will see them utilized in many different ways.  One unique way challenge coins are used today is in the training world.  Often professional trainers will produce unique coins that are given to participants upon completion and is a reminder of important principles learned.  

Another unique application is in the religious world, often used to remind young men of standards they have agreed to live by.

Do Challenge Coins have Value?

Challenge coins do not have any monetary value like currency, but they do have much sentimental value for those who receive them.  The reason display cases for challenge coins have grown in popularity is the fact that coins have value to their owners and they want to display that value.  Custom coins become collector items, great displays for home or office, and great conversation starters as one tells the story of each coin.

Where can I get Challenge Coins Made?

As has been implied in this article, challenge coins are custom made in bulk and are unique to a group or organization.  Challenge coins are produced the same way as a custom lapel pin.  They are either diestruck or diecast.  That said, any custom pin company can produce challenge coins.  The process is rather simple.  Come up with a design, digitize the design, and then order the pins.  These steps might seem simplistic, and they are, it really is that simple.  The pin company will help you through the process and do all the technical work necessary.  All you need is an idea.

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