How Custom Pins Help With COVID

How Custom Pins Help With COVID | Custom Pins Now

A custom pin seems an unlikely contributor in a world-wide pandemic such as COVID-19.  But when communication is critical custom pins offer a simple and effective way to communicate:  

  • Praise, thanks, and recognition.  
  • Lighten the mood by spreading a little humor.  
  • Remind us of important safety tips.  Or  
  • Educate us on necessary steps we can take to stay safe.  

Think of that billboard you saw as you drove down the road.  In a split second it communicated a message that is now imprinted on your mind.  A custom pin is a mini billboard, imprinting on people’s minds as the wearer walks around.  It is a mobile billboard, its exposure is far and wide, and in a split second it is affecting people as they take notice of it and play out the story it tells in their mind.

Custom Pins Offer Praise, Thanks and Recognition.  

After months of living through the COVID-19 world-wide pandemic it has become clear who we revere as heroes:  grocery store workers, health workers, public safety workers, mental health workers, transportation workers, and shipping workers.  The list goes on of those who have sacrificed their own safety to ensure our lives are safe and provided for.  They are average, ordinary people just doing their job in a dedicated and committed way.  Most of these people are not leaders, influencers, and probably not even wealthy. Rather, they are front-line workers living on a modest income, who don’t expect anything special outside their normal compensation.  While we often can’t change their financial situation, we can praise them, recognize them, and most certainly thank them for their tireless service.  Small tokens, like a custom pin that merely says “THANK YOU” often goes a long way in showing the recognition they deserve.  It might even brighten their day and give them the extra boost they need to keep on going.

Custom Pins Spread a Little Humor.

A young-women while visiting her therapist mentioned that she often feels sad and struggles to overcome those feelings.  In an unusual response the therapist said, have you tried looking at the many memes circulating on social media, they are quite funny and can change the mood.  

Indeed, amidst the anxiety, fear, and mental distress we often feel in this coronavirus pandemic humor can lighten the mood.  You don’t have to look far to find a meme poking fun at the crazy things we have done to make it through.  Laughter lightens the mood, boosts our immune system, sparks conversation, makes us smile and brightens our day.  With that said, can you imagine someone wearing a custom pin of a simple roll of toilet paper?  No words necessary.  Laughing essential.

Custom pins have a way of making us remember things that make us smile.

Custom Pins Remind of Safety.

You may be a victim of the coronavirus, you may know a victim of the coronavirus, or you certainly have read accounts of tragedy because of the coronavirus.  Our direct experience tends to dictate how much effort we put into safety procedures.  Maybe you are one that never fails to wear a face mask in public or washes your hands 20 times a day.  Maybe you are one that has had minimal impact so social distancing is only sometimes adhered too.  Whatever side of the line you sit on, I think most of us are concerned for those at high risk.  But, that said, some of us might need more frequent reminders of why safety procedures are important.  A reminder can be a simple visual queue of why we are doing what we are doing.  A custom pin with the phrase “social distancing”, or “6-feet”, or “stay home, stay safe” would convey and remind us to remember the high-risk individuals and do what we need to do.   Visual reminders are often the best reminders and custom pins are simple visual reminders.

Custom Pins Educate.

We could create a COVID-19 dictionary to define all the terms, phrases and lists that have been created trying to educate us on the importance of caution.  Here are just a few lists and phrases that are meant to educate us on the simple necessities of all things coronavirus.  

  • Wash your hands often.  
  • Avoid close contact.  
  • Cover your mouth and nose when around others.  
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes.  
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

The list goes on and on.  Custom pins can help with education now and in the future.  You might find that a restaurant waitress in coming days will always wear a custom pin that educates the patrons on what certainly will become the new normal in safety procedures.

So, think custom pins for this world pandemic as well as any future world wide event that requires you to communicate to the masses.

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