How Long Does It Take To Make A Custom Pin?

How Long Does It Take To Make A Custom Pin? | Custom Pins Now

Simple Answer:

2-4 weeks from the date you place your order to the date you receive your order at your door.Need it sooner – don’t be afraid to ask.  There really are many factors that determine delivery time, and often if a company is good, they can make it happen.

‍Detailed Answer:

Most people need their custom pins yesterday and 2-4 weeks certainly doesn’t fit that timeframe.  The good news is there is always a way to make things happen quicker if needed.

There are multiple considerations when determining how long it will take to get your custom-made pins.

The first thing you need to understand is most websites state production time NOT delivery time.  There is a difference.  Production time is the amount of time it takes to actually make the pin, it does not factor in how long it takes to ship and deliver the pins.  So, if you read 10 production days, that does not include the delivery time.  Production being the key word.

The next step to understanding how long is to consider the following aspects.

‍Type of Pin

All enamel pins, diestruck pins, and diecast pins follow the standard lead times of 2-4 weeks but can be adjusted depending on other factors noted below so just ask.  However, the offset printed pin can typically be made faster.  Offset printed pins are exactly that printed so the labor is much less time consuming to produce.  This is very helpful to understand if you have tight deadline and a large quantity order of 5-10,000 pieces.


The more you order the longer it will take.  Smaller quantities like 100 to 200, 500, even 1000 are no problem, but if you want 5000 that might stretch into the 4 weeks from order to delivery.


If the design is really detailed, it takes longer to produce as each pin is hand stamped, plated and colored.  The more details the longer it takes to produce.


Any pin with 4 or less colors, is pretty standard and doesn’t really affect delivery time, but if you want 8+ colors then it gets interesting.  What you have to realize is that all 8 colors cannot be put on the pin all at the same time.  Typically, you would add a couple of colors added, then allow dry time, then add two more colors, then allow dry time.  You get the picture, more colors, more dry time.


Yes, the factory is probably the biggest determining factor.  There are large factories and there are small factories.  As noted, most pins are made in China and China believe it or not has lots of holidays.  Holidays mean the factories close to production. The biggest and most well-known is the Chinese New Year.  This delays deliveries by 1-2 weeks every year from February through March.  The size of the factory also matters.  Small factories are much better at rushing smaller orders, except during peak times from February through May.  Large factories are much better for larger orders of 10,000 plus pieces as they have more resources and employees to handle that kind of volume.

Bottom line, standard delivery times from order to delivery for most pin companies is 2-4 weeks, but the best companies, have both large and small factories they work with and if they understand their business usually can make things happen to get you what you need when you need it.

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