How Much Does an Enamel Pin Weigh? This Much!

How Much Does an Enamel Pin Weigh? This Much! | Custom Pins Now

A one-inch pin is approximately .16 ounces depending on what material is used. That means a bulk order of pins (e.g., 100~) would be around 16 ounces or a pound.

How much does an enamel pin weigh? Pins can weigh anywhere from .16 to .6 ounces depending on the material and size of each individual pin. A metal pin with a metal backing will weigh more than one with a plastic backing. When ordering custom pins, most manufacturers will provide a weight guideline.

There are several reasons why it can be essential to know the weight of your pins. Shipment is the most common since many people who are creating bulk orders intend to send the pins to customers or friends. This page will go over factors that may impact your pin’s weight and their importance.

Factors That Can Determine Weight

There will be very slight variations between pin weights in the degree of grams or ounces, so for most people, it will be inconsequential outside of being used to determine shipment sizes.

Pins are generally quite small, which is one of their advantages since it means they take up very little space while still adding to the aesthetic of an outfit. Because of their diminutive size, it can be easy to think that their weight does not matter. However, this is not always the case, and below are some of the most common factors associated with pin weight.

Materials That the Pin is Made From

This is, by far, the most relevant factor. Pins made mostly of metal will end up weighing more than those with significant plastic features. Metal and magnetic backings will have more overall weight, but the amount will usually not matter since the difference will be so slight. It may feel heavier while being worn bit; this is mostly a trick of sensory perception.

Paint Layers

Soft and hard enamel pins have different layers of enamel, and the more layers are added, the more the pin will weight. Hard enamel pins have paint that is level with the surface of the metal detailing, while soft enamel only has a single layer of paint. However, most pins are small enough that this added amount is inconsequential.

Backing Choice

If you need pins to weigh a specific amount for whatever reason, the backing you choose, and the size of the pin will be the deciding factors. You should consult with the manufacturer to determine which will meet your requirements. The lightest option will be a soft enamel die print with a basic plastic butterfly clutch backing.

Weighing Pins for Shipment

You will want to weigh your pin for shipment or use the convenient weighing guide we have created in the next section. Whatever scale you use should get capable of registering items as light as .05 ounces. Shipping in bulk means multiplying that weight by the number of pins in your package.

Average Weight Per Pin Size

In those instances, you will want to use a kitchen scale to determine the exact amount your pin weighs. If you intend to create a bulk order and need this information, you can request it from the manufacturer’s customer service team, and they will be able to give it to you. The following weights are averaged out and should not be relied on if you require the exact weight of a specific pin.

.5 inches

The approximate weight of a half-inch pin is .08 ounces, which can vary depending on materials and creation process (e.g., soft or hard enamel, etc.). These are relatively small and often are reserved for military or uniform pins.

1 inch

An individual one-inch pin will be about .16 ounces. This is one of the most common pin sizes, especially for bulk orders, since it is highly cost-effective. These are excellent for black tie or professional events as they are noticeable without being gaudy.

1.5 inches

Another popular size is 1.5 inches, which can weigh around .25 to .3 ounces per pin. These are great for events and company logos.

2 inches

This is quite a large pin and usually reserved for fashion and pop culture subject matters. At two inches, the weight is around.32 to .4 ounces per pin.

2.5 inches

As one of the biggest options, the two and a half-inch pin can vary between .4 and .5 ounces. They are great for pins with a lot of details since there will be more space to fit the fine lines.

Why it is Important to Know Your Pin Weight

As previously mentioned, weighing your pin(s) is important for being able to mail them out to customers, but it is also helpful to know for instances where you will be combining multiple pins to a particular item such as a shirt, sash, or hat since some more fragile materials may pull under too much weight. Along the same vein is can be useful to know how much weight you will have in any pinfolios that you may intend to bring to an event if you have to check them into transportation baggage. You can do this by averaging out the weight per size with the number of pins present or simply use a kitchen scale.

Weight and Ordering in Bulk

Most orders will be in the magnitude of a hundred to several hundred pins. For one inch pins, which are the most popular, this equals out to around a pound per hundred. This is useful to know so that you can anticipate shipping costs. The manufacturer will provide an exact weight of the contents.

Another Note on Weight

You may see other areas on our site where we reference pins as weighing 16 ounces, and in those instances, it is due to them being in a bulk order since that is the size that we specialize in providing to our customer service. The average order size starts at a pound for around one hundred one inch pins and goes up from there.

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