How Much Does It Cost to Mail A Lapel Pin?

How Much Does It Cost to Mail A Lapel Pin? | Custom Pins Now

The average cost of mailing a few lapel pins is between $1.50 (continental US) and $7.75 if you are using a padded envelope and sending it through USPS.

How much does it cost to mail a lapel pin? The answer will depend on a number of different factors, including where you are sending it, how many pins will be shipped, and whether you want to send it standard or express. If you have a shop through an online site like Etsy, they will determine the price for you.

A one-inch lapel pin is going to weigh approximately 16 ounces. While $7.75 is average for sending a standard rate padded envelope, that amount will go down as the envelope size decreases. You can also choose to send it in an average paper envelope, which is the cheapest option, though, without the extra padding, there is a high likelihood your pin would arrive at its destination with at least some damage.

This page will break down the easiest way to mail pins while providing a wide range of options to accommodate almost any sale or trade. If you intend to do a lot of pin mailing, then it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with printing out shipment labels. For anyone with an online store through a place like Shopify or Etsy, both the label and predetermined shipment cost will be automatically provided.

Shipment Options for Mailing Pins

Your shipment options include sending your package via various methods include the faster express and slower standard, to local or international locations. There are also several packaging alternatives, including standard rate boxes, for sending out many pins to one individual or padded envelopes for a small handful of pins. We will go over each briefly in the following sections.

Express and Overnight Shipping

When mailing your pins through the USPS, there is a priority express rate which boasts an overnight delivery timeline and starts at $26.35. Priority mail, which takes one to three days to arrive at the recipient, starts at $7.50.

Standard and First-Class Shipping

In some areas, you can send your pins using an envelope through standard mail starting at $1.50 for local areas and increasing based on weight and how far away the drop off address is located. The best standard shipping is first class because it includes more secure procedures such as a signature requirement. First-class packaging service also takes one to three days and starts at $3.80.

International Shipping

International shipping comes with its own set of challenges. Due to Covid, there are significant delays throughout mailing systems worldwide, which means that if your pin needs to arrive within a particular time window, you might be required to pay more to get faster delivery.

Advantages of United Postal Service Vs. Private Shipping Companies

So far, we have assumed that you will be using the USPS system and the prices and facts reflect this, but if you would instead use a different shipping option; you may face other expenses. Unfortunately, due to Covid, the USPS service is not able to deliver to certain countries. You can find a list of them on their official website.

Private shipping companies can have comparable costs though often they are at least slightly increased but may not be able to deliver to every location around the world depending on the specifics of where your order is heading. Below is a list of the most popular USPS alternatives.

  • ShippingEasy
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • LaserShip
  • Shippo

Shipment Packaging Options for Mailing Your Pins

Pins have delicate features, and sometimes the shipment process – especially for things that are being sent internationally -may be a bit harsh regardless of any “fragile” or “handle with care” warnings you might include on the packaging. To make sure the pins arrive in pristine condition, you will want to invest in envelopes that are lined internally with bubbles (sizes 2.75×4-inch, 3×5-inch, 4×5-inch, 4×6-inch, and 4×8-inch work best). It is also a good idea to individually wrap each pin in another thin layer of protective paper, foam, or bubble wrap.

However, you choose to package the pins, they must be flat so that they can be run through the postal sorting system and also to decrease the chance of them getting damaged. Depending on where you are sending it from, there might be a maximum thickness, which you will need to accommodate. You can buy bulk padded envelopes at most stores or online retailers like Amazon.

Single Orders

You will have the most options when sending either single pins or a small number (e.g., two to five), and these will be cheaper than sending a larger amount. The prices provided in the sections above were based on a single pin of 16 ounces, so each pin you add on or larger pins may have higher rates. Some of your options for sending this small number of pins include the following.

  • Overnight express
  • Priority First Class
  • Standard

Bulk Orders

For larger orders, it is cheapest to use a standard rate box with a padding material. You will also want to individually wrap the pins in more padding to decrease the chance of them being damaged. Costs for standard rate boxes are $8.40 and $15.05 depending on the size and loading orientation (e.g., side-loaded, top-loaded).

How Long Does it Take For the Pin Shipment to Arrive?

As mentioned previously, there are some changes to the way that shipments are completed due to Covid, and this includes impacting the timeline of delivery. Unexpected delays in certain countries and regions have become routine, and if you are between selling or trading pins, then it is best to have a disclaimer stating this so that customers do feel misled if there is a slight delay. The standard amount of time it can take to arrive varies depending on what mailing category you chose, and they include those listed here.

  • Overnight Express shipping (24-48 hrs)
  • Priority shipping (one to three days)
  • First-class shipping (one to three days)
  • Standard shipping (seven to fourteen days)

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