How To Make Custom Enamel Pins

How To Make Custom Enamel Pins | Custom Pins Now

Making custom enamel pins can be accomplished in 3 simple steps.  First, think of a pin design, second, digitize the pin design, and third order the pin design.  

People hesitate to order custom enamel pins for fear of the unknown.  We want to take away the unknown so there is no hesitation on your part.

You may already have an idea and that is great.  Or, you may have seen customized pins and thought they were cool, and wondered how you could make your own custom enamel pins.  Either way you’ve made a good choice, and made it to the right place.

Think of a pin design.

It all starts with the design, and the good news is, if you can think it, we can design it.  So, let your imagination go wild and see what you can do.

Don’t worry about the computer or the designing part right now, all you need to do is think of a design.

Maybe you are a bird enthusiast and you want to make a set of bird pins.

Maybe you like unique quotes and you want to make a set of quote pins.

Maybe you like memes and you want to make a set of meme pins.

Maybe you are “The Office” fan and you want a set of “The Office” pins.

Or, maybe you are a designer and you have your own style of art, and you want to make your art into a pin.

It really can be anything you want.  Just come up with the idea and be able to describe it to another person.  And the description doesn’t have to be long or complicated.

We can take your ideas and put them to paper, and help you see what your brain is thinking.  We understand that ideas take refinement before they are perfect so we prepare an artwork proof, let your review it, then change it for any of your recommendations.  After a couple of revisions, you will clearly see what you were thinking.

Digitize the pin design.

We hesitate saying digitize as that sounds so professional and often scares people away.  No fear, we will do the digitizing for you.  What digitizing means is taking the design on paper and putting it into an electronic format (digitized) in the computer.  

Custom enamel pins are produced based on an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai file type).  This is a special type of format we like to call vectorized.  Vectorizing is another technical term that basically means the artwork is converted to lines.  The lines are what the cnc machines are capable of reading and interpreting so it can cut the design into a die.  The die is what is used to create the actual pins.

There is one important point to remember with designs.  Colors need to be separated by lines.  In other words, you cannot have 2 colors blended or faded together within one section.  Each color has to be separated by a line and contain only one color per section.

Once the illustrator file is produced, it is also saved as a jpg file type for you the customer to review.

Anyone can open a jpg file, but unless you have the program you cannot open an illustrator file.  Most customers do not have Illustrator so we save it in a file you can view.

You’ve now thought of a design, had it digitized, now you are ready to order.

Order the Pin Design.

You’ve seen how easy it is up to this point, and it only gets easier.

You do have to decide on a few things, like how many pins do you want to order and when do you need the pins, but those should be easy questions.

Once we have the answer to those two questions, you provide credit card payment, we process the order and deliver the pins in 2-3 weeks direct to your door.

It really is simple to make custom enamel pins.  So, start your order today.

We will answer a few other questions below that you might be wondering about.

How many pins do I have to order?

Because a die is the most expensive cost of making a pin, and it costs the same whether you make 1 pin or 10,000 pins we set a minimum order quantity of 50 pins.  This allows you to buy pins for $4 to $5 per pin which is enough to cover the die charge.  If you were to order a single pin, it would cost you $100 or more.

What does it cost to order Custom Enamel Pins?

Pins are relatively inexpensive and the more you order the cheaper they become.  

We already mentioned the cost for 50 pins above.  100 pins will cost around $2.37 per pin.  500 pins will cost around $0.97 cents per pin.  You begin to see how the price decreases the more you order.

How long does it take to make Custom Enamel Pins?

The standard answer is 2-3 weeks.  This includes production time and delivery time to your doorstep.

In general, it takes 10 business days for production and 5 business days for delivery.  But both timelines can be adjusted to accommodate special needs.

What if I have a problem with my Custom Enamel Pins?

We know you are ordering site unseen, that is why we produce a really good artwork proof so you can see what you will get.  We don’t like surprises, and we know you don’t either.  

The artwork and the actual pin will never be exact, as that would be impossible, but it will be very close.

If there are manufacturing defects and such, we will take care of those problems no charge by refunding your money or remaking them.

Can I reorder my Custom Enamel Pins?

Yes, you can reorder whenever you have a need.  The die is kept for 2 years, but the artwork is kept forever.  This makes it very easy to reorder.  All you need to do is call us and reference your account or the artwork ID number and we will take care of you.

The minimum quantities still apply, but the process is so much easier.


You are now an expert at ordering custom enamel pins.  It really is that easy, your biggest challenge is coming up with a design, but the fact you're reading this blog post seems to indicate you have some ideas already to go.

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