How to make lapel pins with rhinestones.

How to make lapel pins with rhinestones | Custom Pins Now

Lapel pins are very versatile and can definitely be made with rhinestones.  Of course, the rhinestones are not real gem stones.  Rather they are what is called faux rhinestones.  Faux is a fancy name for imitation or artificial.  While the stones used in lapel pins may be imitation, they still bring the bling you are looking for.

How are gem stones used in lapel pins?

Gem stones are used quite often in producing lapel pins.  A very common use would be in “years of service” pins.  Companies that recognize employees’ years of service often need distinguishing features to make each milestone different.

Imagine years of service recognized at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years.  That is 8 different unique pin designs that are needed.  Faux gem stones work wonderful for this.  You can vary the color of the stone and the number of the stones to create unique pins.  For example, the 5-year pin may represent 5 years.  Just add an additional stone for each 5-year increment.

Another example would be combining colors.  5 year is represented by a red stone.  10 year is represented by a white stone.  With that logic, 15 years would be one red stone and one white stone.

A gem stone is perfect for any type of recognition.  The gem stones are relatively inexpensive, yet make the pin look and feel much more valuable.  Add a display box and you have really hit the mark.

A clever way to use a rhinestone would be to have the stone replace a feature in the design.  For example.  Little league baseball teams often trade pins at their tournaments.  A team called the dragons, that has a dragon logo on their pin may substitute the eye of the dragon with a red stone.  It is a distinguishing feature that really makes the trading pin interesting and increases the tradability.

Another example might be a police car lapel pin.  Substitute the red and blue lights on top of the car for a red and blue stone.  It may not blink, but it will certainly stand out.  If you want a blinky light, that is just as possible.

Another example might be a pin with a treasure chest.  Add a few gem stones to the bounty in the chest and see how that adds bling to the trading pin.

How much do lapel pin gem stones cost?

Rhinestones, gem stones, faux stones all refer to imitation stones and are all inexpensive.  Typically, you can expect to pay about $0.10 cents per stone per pin.  On an order of 100 pins, that’s an extra $10 for the entire order if each pin only has one stone.  $10 is a cheap way to add to the value of the lapel pin. often gets request to do lapel pins entirely covered by rhinestones.  This is indeed possible and more common than you might think.  This style of pin more closely imitates a womans brooch which is considered more jewelry and worn in a very classy manner.

While an entirely covered rhinestone pin is possible, it will cost as much or more than a regular lapel pin.  To cover an entire one-inch pin in 2mm stones may require up to 30 stones which translates into $3.00 per pin just for stones.  If money is not the object, then go for it.  You will have a very distinct pin.

What size are rhinestones?

Rhinestones come in sizes ranging from 1mm to 10mm in diameter.  The size used on your pin is dependent upon the size of the lapel pin and the area the stone will be placed.  2mm is a very common size and works well for most purposes.

Let’s say you have a round 1-inch pin.  Around the outer edge is the wording for the pin and there were no other details needed, you could place a large 10mm rhinestone in the center.  This gives a very distinctive look.

While rhinestones can range from 1mm to 10mm, I discourage people from using a 1mm stone.  These are so small; they don’t sit well in the pin and are so small they lose the effect.  2mm works best as the smallest size.

What types of rhinestones can I choose from?

Rhinestones come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.  The size is 1mm to 10mm in diameter.  The shape can be round, square and most are cut with facets imitating true gemstone quality.  There is nothing better than having the look of a diamond but paying the price of pennies.  The rhinestones also come in all the colors you can think of.  I suggest to people, determine the color you want and then we match it to the closest shade possible.

Most of the faux stones are diamond like, but you can also get imitation pearl stones that are round, smooth and white.  These have been very popular in sorority lapel pins.

Do rhinestones fall off lapel pins?

Just like a diamond in a wedding ring can break a prong or get bumped in just the right way that the stone fall out; stones in pins can also come out.  Typically, faux stones are not anchored in the pin by a prong, rather they are glued in.  Usually there is not a problem of falling out, but it is a possibility.

Hopefully, you have learned the ins and outs of rhinestones in lapel pins.  Knowing what is possible opens the doors to your future creativity.  Happy pinning.

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