How to Order Customized Lapel Pins?

How to Order Customized Lapel Pins? | Custom Pins Now

Ordering customized lapel pins is easy.  The custom pin manufacturer will guide you through the entire process.  However, consider the following 8 questions when ordering customized lapel pins.

What is the purpose for customized pins?

Will the pins be given away?
Will the pins be presented as an award or recognition?
Will the pins be for corporate branding?
Will the pins be traded?
Will the pins be given to members of a group, club or association?
Will the pins be sold?

Purpose is important to ensure we match the person to the right type of pin.

What is the budget for customized pins?

Budget is important to ensure we match the money to the pin.  The minimum customized pin order of 100 pins will cost $250.  Click here for price list.

Do you have a design for your customized pins?

Design is important to ensure we match your ideas to the artist.  Artists are not created equal and we want to match your design ideas to the artist that will deliver the best design.  If you have your design already, even better, we will match it to the right pin type.

What type of customized pin will work best?

Pin type is important to ensure we match the type to the purpose, budget, and design.  There are enamel pins, die struck pins, die cast pins, and printed pins.  Each type of pin has its own cost, its own perception, and its own technical requirements.  We will help you choose the one that meets all your requirements.  Learn more about the types.

What type of clutch do you want for your customized pins?

The clutch is important to ensure we match the movement of the pin to the clutch.  Butterfly clutch, rubber clutch, deluxe clutch, safety pin attachment, and magnetic attachment all provide different levels of security depending on the movement or activity when the pin is attached.

How many customized pins will you need?

Quantity is important to ensure we match the quantity required to the purpose and the budget.  If your purpose is higher end, your budget will need to be higher in order to buy enough pins for your event.  Adjusting the pin type, or the quantity may be necessary to meet your budget.

Do you want special packaging for your customized pins?

Packaging is important to ensure we match the presentation to the purpose and the budget.  Packaging increases the perceived value, it enhances the presentation, it adds a nice finishing touch.  Will a backer card, a plastic display case, or a velvet presentation box serve your purpose and still fit within the budget?

When do you need your customized pins?

Timing is important to ensure we match the event to the production.  Customized pins typically require 2-3 weeks to manufacture and deliver to your door.  If your purpose has a deadline, we need to make sure the pin type, the quantity, and the delivery all work.

Many of these questions you many not be able to answer, and that’s ok.  We will walk you through the entire process.  However, having reviewed the questions will prompt you to think about what you are trying to accomplish and help the ordering process along.

Now that you know what you need to know to order customized lapel pins, here are some bonus tips to getting customized lapel pins cheap.

5 Tips to Get Customized Lapel Pins Cheap

Order soft enamel pins.

Soft enamel is the pin type that is the most economical.  You get the best bang for your money.  A quality custom pin at a lower price.  Click for soft enamel.

Order the butterfly clutch or the rubber clutch.

The butterfly and rubber clutch are FREE with your customized pin order and hold equally well.  The only time you need a more expensive clutch is when the customized pin will be used as a tie tac, the pin will be worn in a very active setting, or the pin will be attached to something that will be bumped often.

Only order the pin, not the backer card.

Presentation is nice, but in most cases customized pins will be immediately pulled off the presentation and worn.  So, unless you are reselling pins and need to brand your company, or you are giving the pins as a gift or an award just order the pin with no presentation and save that extra cost.

Order fewer than 8 colors.

Enamel colors are FREE up to 8 different colors.  Most customized pins are 1.5 inch or less in size and can only hold so much detail.  Even if your design calls for more than 8 colors, it is very likely some of those colors will not show on a small pin once it is produced.  You can often reduce the number of colors with no effect to the overall design.  This will save you money.

Order in volume.

The more your order, the cheaper the customized pin unit price.  Often, we think less is best because we will spend less overall.  That is true, but sometimes it is best to order the next quantity up as the difference overall isn’t big, but the unit price difference is.  Many people want to order 50 pins, but in actuality it is cheaper to order 100.

Customized lapel pins are not something you order every day.  Understanding them can be confusing at times with all the types, options, and pricing but we are here to help.  Hopefully the information above gives you some insight into how we help people get not only the best pin for their particular event but also save them a little money along the way.

Customized pins tell a story, your story.  We want it to be a good one, and it all starts with how to order the best customized lapel pin for your purpose.

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