How To Wear A Lapel Pin

How To Wear A Lapel Pin | Custom Pins Now

The title speaks for itself so let’s start with the "proper" way – then get to the "whatever goes" way.  

1. Ask the queen of England how to wear a lapel pin/brooch and she will tell you always on the left side.
2. Ask a business person at a business function how to wear a lapel pin and they will tell you on the right side.  Usually the name tag is worn on the left side so when you shake hands the name tag is in full view.  This naturally leaves the right side open for a pin.
3. Ask a fashionista how to wear a lapel pin and they will tell you on the right side because it compliments your pocket square and gives the wow factor.  Forget symmetry, which is what we all try to do, if you wear it on the left side it lessons’ the effect.

Based on the above you might get the drift that pin etiquette is a big deal, so keep reading for other tips and tricks to ensure you send the right message.

1. Lapel pins compliment your attire, don’t be afraid to add it to your wardrobe and heaven forbid make sure it matches your tie.
2. For men with a button hole in their lapel, that is the perfect spot and once removed the hole will naturally close and not leave any damage.
3. For women, once you have determined the appropriate side, generally it is worn between the shoulder and bust line.
4. For casual attire, and as a way to express yourself, put one or many lapel pins on a hat, backpack, lanyard, coat, jacket, tee shirt or some other casual attire.  Whatever feels comfortable.

In today’s day and age with individualism and uniqueness it probably doesn’t matter where you wear your lapel pin.  Whatever you decide is right for you and that is just fine.

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