Is Rose Gold Popular on Lapel Pins?

Is Rose Gold Popular on Lapel Pins? | Custom Pins Now

You might be wondering whether rose gold is a popular and trendy metal choice for lapel pins. Simply put, yes, rose gold on lapel pins is popular.  As lapel pin interest has increased over the past few years people are choosing rose gold as a metal option to create unique and different pins.

People are wearing them on their jackets, backpacks and suit lapels. All lapel pins are fun and attractive; but the most eye-catching and beautiful pins are those made with rose gold.  There is just a distinct quality about the color of rose gold that catches attention.  From employees of organizations to people dressed to impress rose gold will surely make an impression.

Because of the sleek look that rose gold brings into the decoration game, it has an ability to complement every suit color and as an accessory really stands out in elegant manner.

Imagine wearing a dark blue suit with a rose gold lapel pin for decorative purposes. Your game just elevated dramatically because of the pop and visibility of that lapel pin.

So, to summarize, rose gold lapel pins are popular because:

  • Rose gold complements most colors

When we say complement, we mean it stands out, helping draw attention to the rest of the attire.  It’s bold but elegant.

  • Rose gold makes the lapel pin stand out

Metal choice in designing lapel pins makes all the difference because it becomes the outline of the design.  Sometimes you want a subtle outline so you choose gold or silver to blend into the design.  Other times you want a bold outline like black dye, black nickel or rose gold to help the design pop.  The beauty of rose gold is it can be used in both hard enamel and soft enamel lapel pins; whereas, black dye can only be used on soft enamel pins.

  • Rose gold works for all occasions

Whether your pins are for gifts, awards, events or giveaways rose gold works.  It has a unique quality that makes it distinct and elegant for an awards gala, but also has character and creativity that makes it unique on a trading pin.  Usually the lapel pin design is what catches people’s attention.  With rose gold, it is the unique color that catches people’s attention.  And with lapel pins, attention is exactly what you want.

What color is rose gold?

In regards to precious jewelry, rose gold is a mixture of yellow gold and copper.  The ultimate color depth depends on the ratio of these two metals.  So, rose gold is a pinkish color.

In regards to lapel pins, which are considered costume jewelry, rose gold is essentially copper with no mixture of yellow gold.  Copper may be a little pinker than some rose gold blends, but it still has a distinct look and feel that sets it apart from all other metal choices.

Rose gold has been around since the early 19th century and has come in and out of popularity over the years much like gold and silver.  When it comes to fashion, metal choice often is a revolving door with daughters choosing opposite of their mothers.  You can test this theory by looking at your mom.  Most likely if she wore gold, you will wear silver and so on.  Rose gold has regained popularity in the last couple of years and may also be included in that jewelry metal rotation.

Is rose gold a girly color?

If I were to answer that question honestly, I would say yes.  Rose gold in jewelry is typically marketed to women.  However, because rose gold is only an accent color in custom lapel pins, it is completely unisex.  There is no stereotyping of metal color when discussing lapel pins.

It is interesting to note that in the jewelry world, some men do gravitate to the rose gold versions so a new term has been created calling it Bros’ gold.  A much more manly name.  But, since we are discussing lapel pins, no need to ask for Bros’ gold when ordering your custom pins.

Is rose gold expensive?

With all the advantages and versatility that comes with rose gold one would think it comes with a price tag.  That is the beauty of rose gold as a metal for lapel pins, it isn’t anymore expensive than all the other metal options.  And given that gold typically cost more, rose gold is cheaper and might be the best option.  Rose gold may be considered the most romantic metal, but when talking about lapel pins it is essentially copper and copper is less expensive than most precious metals.

Are there any negative effects of rose gold?

  • Will rose gold fade?

No, rose gold will not fade, it is durable, long-lasting and low maintenance.

  • Can rose gold be worn every day?

Yes, rose gold can be worn every day.  Again, because it is essentially copper it is sustainable, durable, and non-hypoallergenic like many other metals.

  • Does rose gold turn your skin green?

This is a tricky question and has two answers.  Yes, it can discolor skin, and No it doesn’t discolor skin.  A little green discoloration with copper is somewhat normal, but skin discoloration often depends on a person body chemistry and other factors like medicine intake.  So, for some yes there may be a skin effect and for others no there will be no skin effect.

Is rose gold valuable?

Remember, we are speaking here of only lapel pins which is different than jewelry.  True rose gold may have some value because it does have a percentage of gold content.  But when dealing with lapel pins, it is almost all copper and therefore has no more value than any other pin.

When dealing with lapel pins, the value in the pin is the emotional and sentimentality of the pin itself and has no connection to real monetary value unless the perceived value has been created by limited edition or collectability of the pin itself.

Regardless that rose gold has no monetary value in lapel pins, it is still a uniquely different color of metal that adds value to the lapel pin itself.

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