The 7 Best Lapel Pin Boxes

The 7 Best Lapel Pin Boxes | Custom Pins Now

There are many options for lapel pin boxes. Some of them are more expensive, like the velvet-lined boxes and others are cheaper, like the metal hinged tin boxes.

What are the best lapel pin box options? The best lapel pin box is going to depend on how you intend to use it. Gifts can be given in beautiful velvet boxes of various colors or in cases engraved with personalized logos. For everyday storage, you can use tin, plastic, glass, or cardboard boxes.

The cheaper options are mostly used for selling your pin designs and needing a professional-looking box that will not break your bank. Cardboard lapel pin boxes with paper or foam inserts are quite common for this task. More expensive cases are usually reserved for gifts, presentations, and special events.

The 7 Best Lapel Pin Boxes

There are many styles of boxes available that you can use to store, gift, and display your favorite lapel pins. We have listed the example prices for each of the options below. Some are better for individual pin boxes, while others are great options for bulk buying if you sell or trade your pins.

Whether you are a creator, collector, or brand new to the pinhead lifestyle, these are some of the best lapel bin boxes you can get for affordable prices. Most online manufacturers that will create your custom pins also have various box options that can be included in the order.  You can always check with, they can help with supplying boxes as part of your custom lapel pin order.

Cardboard Lapel Pin Gift Box

These cardboard boxes are by far the most common choice for online orders of pins when they are sent out to customers. This is also the type of box that you will usually find in retail stores holding low and mid-priced lapel pins, and you can get a 50-pack on Amazon for $24.99. They are sleek black cardboard and can either cardboard, foam, or paper inserts.

There are many variations of this box, including size, shape, and color. For example, you can get this thinner, wider box with a silver snakeskin pattern on the outside for $33.53 for a 100-pack. The versatility of cardboard pin boxes makes them very attractive since you can find one in a color or pattern to match the pins inside of it.

Velvet Lined Pin Box

For expensive pins, professional presentations, and other events, you can use a velvet box. These look like velvet ring boxes and usually have velvet lined foam or cardboard inserts where the pins rest. These are definitely not cost-effective for anything other than special gifts as they go for around $6-$7 per box on Amazon.

Personalized Logo Case

You can get either velvet lined, wood carved, or cardboard boxes with personalized logos on them. These are quite expensive and are ideal for very prestigious pins and professional events where the box is meant to also be a permanent case for the pin. The cost will vary significantly based on the supplier and material used.

Glass Pin Display Box

These boxes are meant for multiple pins such as distinct collections (e.g., military, state pins, Disney pins, etc.), and they are quite large. They can be made of metal, wood, or plastic and have a glass top.  You can get them for anywhere from $20 to several hundred dollars.

Plastic Pin Gift Box

These gift boxes can also be used to display your lapel pins. They come with a clear plastic cover and foam interior. You can find several different versions like the ones available on Amazon, which are $10.38 for a 10-pack.

You can use these to display your favorite pins out in the open or as a box for gifts to friends and family if you design customized pins. These are also an affordable option if you plan to sell your pins. These do break easier than some of the other containers, so you will need to be cautious to prevent potentially damaging the plastic, hinges, or clasp.

Pin Collector Compact Box

These boxes are very similar to the glass display options listed previously; however, the main difference is in size. These are quite a bit smaller and are usually made to be portable, which makes them ideal for collectors who like to bring their pins to shows or events. Amazon has a pretty standard one for $24.99, and they come in various materials which usually determines their price.

Hinged Tin Pin Storage Box

You can find metal hinged tin storage boxes for your pins on sites like Amazon for the affordable price of $14.99 per 12-pack. They come in gray and black. They come in bulk packs, so they are perfect for anyone who makes their own custom pin designs to sell or give as gifts.

These do not come with any interior padding but can have foam, paper, or cardboard inserted for aesthetics appeal. They also make great little boxes for mobile pins. If you like to switch out your pin fashions during the day, you can keep one of these tins filled with your favorite pins in your purse or backpack.

Other Types of Pin Containers

Boxes are not the only convenient pin containers that you can use. Pouches and bags are also very popular, especially among online sellers due to the affordability. They are much cheaper and still add a professional appearance to orders, especially the fabric pouches that come with personalized logos or names embroidered on them.

Velvet and Sheer Fabric Pouches

Velvet drawstring pouches are very popular for higher-end online sellers and traders of lapel pins. They are beautiful, keep the pin safe during transit, and are useful for long-term storage. You can find examples on Amazon where a 20-pack goes for only $8.98. You can find even cheaper, but still functional and lovely, sheer fabric pouches, which you can get for an incredible price of $12.89 per 110-pack. These are easily the most used by individual sellers and are ideal if you are giving away pins as party favors.

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