Creating A Design for Your Custom Enamel Pins

The Ultimate Guide to Creating A Design for Your Custom Enamel Pins | Custom Pins Now

The best way to create a custom enamel lapel pin is to use your creativity and individuality to bring your design to life. Let your imagery and message stand out.

Where should you start when ordering your own custom enamel pin? The process is easy once you know what type of pin and design you want. While creating your order, you will need to choose from all of the various materials that are available. Having a solid idea in mind is important, so you know which options will complement it best.

If you are not artistically inclined, you can always outsource the pin image to Custom Pins Now design team who will design for free with a reasonable expectation of moving forward with ordering. Once you have that in place, it will come down to deciding how much you want to spend and what look you prefer your custom enamel pin to have.

Step by Step Guide

Have you been asking yourself, “how do I create a design for an enamel pin?” Do not worry. We have a step by step guide to help you figure out the whole process from initial brainstorming to completed order.

Make a Budget

Before you even begin thinking about the pin’s look, you will want to get a firm budget in place. Once you get on the ordering page of a pin site, it can be easy to get carried away with all the features, and you might end up paying a lot more than you intended. By setting a budget, you will have something to use that will guide your choices on what material to use, how many paint colors should be included, and other decisions that will determine the overall price.

Budgeting will also make it immediately apparent how many pins you can afford to bulk order at once. This will make it quicker to fill out the order form later since you will already have a lot of the particulars figured out simply by knowing how much you are willing to spend. Check out a standard enamel pin price chart to guide your decision.

Brainstorm a Design

The first step of creating any designs requires you to nail down whether you want an image, words, or a combination of the two for the primary body of the pin. This will help you narrow down your focus when brainstorming your custom pin design. Once you have the main gist figured out, you can either create the design yourself or outsource it to a graphic artist.

Popular options include the following.

  • Logos, symbols, and brands
  • Keywords and short messages
  • People, places, or things

Choose Your Pin Materials and Features

There are many choices to make, including how many enamel paint colors will be involved, what type of backing will be best, and which kind of metal you prefer. All of these will impact the look of your pin and the overall price. For a more detailed breakdown of various pin materials, you can read the following useful articles.

This page will explain the primary types of enamel pins available, and this page will go over backing, packaging, and other feature options.

The three primary decisions you will have to make are which type of backing you want (e.g., clutch, plastic, magnetic, locking, etc.), what metal (e.g., copper, silver, gold, etc.), and whether you want it to be hard or soft enamel. The pin size and number of paint colors will also be important. Whenever possible, you will want to cut down on the number of individual colors, with the average being 3 to 6 colors per pin.

Online Ordering

The Internet has made the actual order form incredibly easy to understand, and it can be quickly filled out. The most important thing to remember is your budget limitations, and make sure you have your finished design available for upload. Some sites have size or file requirements for the design, so you will want to make sure you know where it is and have the ability to convert it to a new file type if necessary.

You will be asked to choose your materials, enter in your contact and payment information, and supply a digital copy of your pin design before the order can be completed. There will also be a section for any notes that might be necessary if there is something specific you want to address. If you find an error in your order after you have already submitted it reach out to the manufacturer customer support agents right away, and they will be able to help you rectify it.

Things to Consider

There are a few additional things to consider that will not necessarily be relevant to every pin order.

When to Get a Pin, Sample Sent to You

It is not always necessary to have a sample pin created and sent to you for inspection. You will be able to request images of the prototype pin before the full batch is made and that will be an excellent representation of the quality you will be getting. Only really expensive pins or massive orders might be better seen in person before paying for hundreds or thousands of copies to be made. Another option is to request a sample from the pin company of other work they have done to ensure quality. This typically will cost you nothing to request as most pin companies have samples they can immediately send out.

Shipment Delays

Some shipments may arrive later than intended. This is especially true if you are ordering from a manufacturer with an internationally located factory. It is best to plan for some extra wiggle room time-wise when you make your order.

Typically, several hundred pins can take two weeks to a month to arrive. Larger or more complicated orders can take even longer. If you require the pins for a particular event, then make sure you order well in advance in case there are shipment problems or other unforeseen delays.

How Many to Order

Whether you are ordering them as a gift, for a certain group, or as a product to sell, the decision of how many to order will be determined primarily by your budget.

How Do You Protect Enamel Pins?

Once you get your pins, you will want to keep them looking shiny and new.

Proper Storage

When storing your pins, it is best to use containers designed for them. This includes boxes and bags with pages designed to hold pins in a way that keeps them safe and secure. You can find very affordable pin folios or pin bags on sites like amazon.

Shipping Pins

When mailing out your pins to buyers or recipients, it is important that you keep the pins from rubbing up against each other or anything else in the package since this can scratch or chip the enamel and damage the pin. Small plastic baggies, soft paper wrappings, and foam are all excellent insulators that can keep the pin stationary during transport.

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