This is How You Can Use Enamel Pins for Fundraising

This is How You Can Use Enamel Pins for Fundraising | Custom Pins Now

Fundraisers can raise awareness for a cause that you care about, and pins are fantastic devices for spreading easily visible messages.

Are you wondering how to use enamel pins for fundraising? They make excellent items for drawing interest, marketing your campaign, and gaining funds. You can broadcast your cause and fundraising opportunity far and wide with the use of pins since they will start conversations, and word of mouth is a considerable sale boost.

No matter what kind of charity event you are planning to do (e.g., sports team, cause awareness, raising money for an organization, etc.), pins are always a big hit. They are an easy, affordable way for people to show that they care, and they can keep on bringing attention to your cause long after the fundraising event. This article is going to go over everything you need to know about how to use enamel pins for fundraising.

How Pins Can Raise Funds

Regardless of what kind of organization you are a part of, if you are trying to raise money, pins are an excellent item. You can offer them as gifts to go with any donation size, or you can simply sell them at a slight cost. People love to be able to support things that they feel passionate about but often do not have the money to donate large amounts.

Pins are affordable, fun, and they are a great way to increase interest. You can use them as a way to spread your brand further, quicker. You can also choose to do annual pin fundraisers so that they can become collectible items as pin collectors love pieces that fit within a series, and it can have people coming back every year.

Online Fundraising and Shops for Awareness

Since the introduction of Covid-19 in 2020, many events, including fundraisers, have been moved online to accommodate social distancing regulations. This allows you to keep the donation option and sales pages up permanently so you can get money year-round since there is no time limit like there would be for personal events. You can easily use sites like Patreon that are already designed for donations where you can give pins as a gift for donating a set amount.

In-Person Fundraising Events

Pins and lanyards are very common gifts for fundraising events. You can have them as part of a “freebie” bag for attendees who donate a certain amount, or if there is an entrance cost, then everyone might get one. Lapel pins can be expensive, so before choosing to use them as gifts, make sure that the requirement for getting one leaves you with a large enough profit for the fundraising to be worth it.

These are an awesome way to commemorate special functions and charity get-togethers. Your brand or message will be spread long after the event is over. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your organization’s originality and creativity through custom made pin designs.

Drawing Attention to Your Cause

Everyone attending your charity or drive will be able to leave with a pin that turns them into a walking billboard sign for your organization. They will be carrying your message with them and can share their passion with others who ask about their nifty new pin. It is an excellent way for people attending to share your work with their friends and family.

A pin’s longevity is one of the primary draws of using them as fundraising tools. Lapel pins are affordable; they are hard to damage, easy to store and move and look amazing with almost any outfit. You can offer customized pins or use ones that have designs that fit with your theme.

If you want to create a special pin for your campaign but are not sure how to go about it, there are a lot of online pin creation sites that have their own special panel of professional artists ready to help you out. These usually come without too much extra cost.

Know Your Budget Limit

Before getting started, you need to sit down and make a budget for how much you are willing to spend on the pins and also schedule for when you are expecting them to arrive at your door. These expectations will fuel your decisions when you make a decision on which company will create your pins for you. Pins can be made in a number of ways (e.g., bulk orders, online on-demand manufacturers, etc.), so you will want to base your budget around whichever one you have chosen.

Once you have your budget, then you can start looking at all the options available. When looking at the various prices on offer, it is best to plan using the more expensive options that way, and you will not be caught off guard if something needs to be changed at the last minute (e.g., backing choices, printing, or paint choices, etc.) which might add to the cost. There will also be shipping to consider, which is not usually automatically included in the estimates for bulk pin orders.

Average Cost Per Button for Bulk Orders

The most affordable bulk pins are going to be standard enamel with clutch backings and less than four distinct colors over an image of average detail. Depending on which manufacturer you choose, the average price can vary between $0.90 to $3.00. The larger the factory producing them, the less expensive they will usually be, and smaller companies charge more due to the time and effort that goes into each button.

The most affordable option is going to be buttons rather than enamel pins if you are giving them away in swag bags or as attendant gifts. Before shipment, the cost of a button-style design can be as cheap as $0.11 per pin by some sellers, although they usually come with a minimum order size of 100 pins. However, most people will be more willing to pay for enamel pins, which have a more expensive look to them and tend to be much longer-lasting if you choose not to give them as gifts.

On-Demand Cost of Pins

Suppose you are having an online event or would like to make your pins available year-round after your event is complete. In that case, you can always upload your pin to an on-demand site where you can supply a link, and people can order their own individual pins whenever they want. These are a great way to passively raise money for a cause.

You can also use these on-demand sites to create multiple types of pins (e.g., one with your organization logo, another with a word message, etc.) so that they can appeal to a wider audience.

Making Your Own Versus Ordering from a Factory

You can always cut out the middle-man and make them yourself. This is ideal for very small local fundraisers where you are not expecting to sell more than a hundred pins. You can charge slightly more as they will be handmade. The button pin kits usually cost around $40, and you can buy various forms for an affordable price.

Making your own is only going to be a viable option for relatively small events, and only if you know for certain that your budget for creating the pins will be recouped during sales. If you have confidence that this will be the case, then you can save a whole lot of money, and you will no longer have to worry about possible shipment time delays.

Ins and Outs of Bulk Pin Ordering

The online pin ordering sites are very intuitive, and you do not need to know a lot before you get started. They will walk you through uploading your image, choosing a pin type and backing, as well as determining how many pins you will need. The only downside to ordering this way is that some sites will not show you the amount you will owe until after you already set the order.

It is best to order through a site that is upfront with prices for bulk orders. Even if you know the changes in cost with each additional feature you add, there will still be a shipment price tacked on at the end, which will be determined based on how soon you want them to arrive and what mailing service you prefer. It will be expensive, so you should have at least several hundred dollars set aside in your budget for these pins.

Expected Time Frame

Order as far ahead of the event time as possible. That way, if there is a problem with the creation process or a delay in shipping, you will not have to worry things will be cut too close. With no delays, it usually takes between two and four weeks for a completed order to arrive.

There are rush options available, but these are unreliable and do not take shipment time into consideration. For example, if a company says they can rush your order of 100 pins and have them complete in forty-eight hours, that does not mean they will arrive at your home in forty-eight hours as they still need to make it through the mail system. The further away the factory is, the longer it will take.

Average Prices

The average price of enamel pins is $200 to $300 per bulk order of 100. Button pins, on the other hand, are much more affordable with 100 buttons being on average between $40 and $100 depending on the manufacturer. This cost fluctuates based on the pin’s size, backing choice, paint colors, and materials.

How to Design a Customized Pin for Your Fundraiser

Customized pins are more valuable and make a more significant impact on event attendees when compared to generic pins. You can easily design your own image, logo, or message to make the pin memorable for people who buy or receive one. If your organization does not feel able to make your own, then there are plenty of artists who are able to provide one for a reasonable price based on your instructions.


When designing for an enamel pin, it is important to keep in mind that the more colors you use, the more expensive and complicated the creation process will be. Each pin must be processed by hand, and factory workers can only do several colors at a time, so if you choose four distinct paint colors, your pin could be done in one run through while if you choose eight or more, it will take several. This increases the time until the pins will be finished as well.

Image Details

Button pins can come in pretty much any color or amount of detail since they are printed off on paper and then set into the plastic shell. However, enamel pins are a completely different story. They are die-cut in metal, and very fine details can muddy the image.

For enamel pins, it is best to stick with broad strokes rather than small details. Also, if you want an enamel pin showing a specific message, then make sure that the font used is not too small, flowy, or hard to read. Small text can also be hard to read on button pins, so you will want to make sure that your message is capable of being read it on a sample one-inch printout.

Online Shops to Host Your Pin

If you choose to do an online fundraiser, then there are several sites you can use to host your pins. They include shop sites like Etsy, where you can post up your pins for a price. Or you can use free sites like Redbubble where you can post up your image for free, and then the site gets a cut of the profits. Probably the best option is to make your own site. That way, 100% of the proceeds go to your cause. There are many free options that are easy for people to set up, and most sites like WordPress have free business site options where you can post products and get payments.

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