What are Puzzle Lapel Pins?

What are Puzzle Lapel Pins? | custompinsnow.com

Puzzle lapel pins are usually used to represent Autism Awareness, which has adopted the puzzle piece imagery. However, there are other forms of puzzle pins.

What are puzzle lapel pins? The answer is not so cut and dry. While most puzzle piece lapel pins are meant to represent Autism Awareness, others are not. For example, couple pins can come as puzzle pieces that fit together, and there are pins for fans of hobbies like crossword puzzles.

Whether you are designing your own customized enamel lapel pins or looking for a great gift idea, there are plenty of designs that incorporate either the actual image of a puzzle piece, related quotes, or interlocking designs. You can find plenty of inspiration online, and if you already have an idea for your own puzzle related pin, you can find out more about choosing the right materials here. This page is going to go over the different styles and meanings behind puzzle lapel pins.

The Different Types of Puzzle Pins

As previously mentioned, there are quite a few types of pins that fit this particular theme-some of them in shape and others in content. For example, you can get puzzle piece lapel pins representing Autism Awareness, or you can get two lapel pins that fit snugly together like a puzzle even though they are in an unrelated shape (e.g., two halves of a star or two halves of a heart, etc.).

We are only going to cover the most commonly seen versions, but there is an almost endless array of options for fusing the theme with pins. We will also go over how you can make your own.

Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness is shown through a single puzzle piece or an array of multicolored puzzle pieces depending on the design. The reasoning behind this symbolism is the fact that autism is complex and is based along a spectrum, so every family and diagnosed individual’s experience is unique. Most of the time, the pieces are in primary colors (e.g., red, blue, yellow), and this is also a way of showing that not everyone who is autistic looks the same.

Sometimes the puzzle pieces have quotes in them. A good example is the “I’m an essential piece” pin by Baudville. They can also be fashioned into particular shapes (e.g., ribbon, heart, etc.), with the pattern being that of a colorful puzzle.

Traditional Puzzles

Traditional tabletop puzzles have been popular for generations, and people who enjoy them as a hobby often wear jewelry and accessories with pieces to represent their interests.

Crossword Puzzles

There are quite a few crossword puzzle enamel lapel pins. The words featured usually spell out a message that ranges from political to humorous and everything in between. Many similar hobbies that incorporate puzzles in some way (e.g., sudoku, Rubik’s cube, etc.) can also be found in lapel pin form.

Puzzle Quotes

Many pins feature quotes, and there are many that relate to puzzles. This includes two pins sharing a quote or a pin that has a saying pertaining to the topic. Whatever the case, these can be snarky, fun, and sharp-witted accessories for fashion-forward pin lovers.

An example of a puzzle quote pin is one designed for couples that says, “we fit together.” There are plenty more out there.

Interlocking Pins

Interlocking Pins are usually meant to complete a larger design while each being independently whole. These are beautiful and come in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, and themes. An excellent example of an interlocking pin is the gorgeous Reshiram & Zekrom – Interlocking Hard Enamel Pins by ZChemArt.

If you are a pin creator looking for a niche look to set your pins apart, the interlocking puzzle pin is one great opportunity. Not many artists have these kinds of designs, and they make for unique gifts. It can also make for a great series idea so that you can create multiple shapes and color options for your customers.

BFF and Couple’s Lapel Pins

A current trend among jewelry and accessories shared between couples and best friends include puzzle pieces to symbolize fitting together. This theme is often seen in pins, necklace pendants, and bracelets charms. They usually take the shape of literal puzzle pieces or as various other shapes such as stars or hearts but with jagged edges that fit perfectly together.

They are similar to interlocking pins except that their image is not supposed to be complete except when they are put together, which marks them as clearly two halves of a whole. This visual of the strong relationship they represent can take pretty much any form. You can design two couples pins around most objects, and some are even made of quotes where each pin carries half the words.

How to Find Puzzle Pins

You can find unique puzzle pins by looking through auction sites, at tradeshows, or using online forums to connect with other pin creators and collectors. Online retailers such as Amazon stock the types of pins we have already mentioned, and you can always create your own if you have an original idea.

Customizing Your Own Puzzle Enamel Pin

If you want to make your own puzzle pin, you now have multiple avenues to explore in terms of shape and use. You can create relationships or supportive pins with this theme or celebrate your love of puzzles with a simple, straightforward piece.

The shapes are sometimes used where the puzzle piece is meant to represent the words in a visual pun. The pattern of a puzzle is used for some organizations and events, but you can find a way to make it your own by using original silhouette shapes or pattern colors.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating personalized or custom pins. We can help you bring any image to life so that you can show off your creativity by wearing a pin that you made. We offer a wide variety of enamel paint colors and pin materials to choose from.

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