What are Remembrance Lapel Pins?

What are Remembrance Lapel Pins? | Custom Pins Now

Remembrance pins are meant to memorialize the life of a person or a specific group of individuals. Military pins are the most common.

What are remembrance lapel pins? This can refer to any memorial type pin, but there are popular ones featuring poppies that represent official Remembrance Day. Often these are what people are describing when they talk about Remembrance lapel pins. The most common ones are meant to show respect for the lives lost during wars.

Remembrance lapel pins are collectibles and come in various types to represent particular wars, people, and moments in history. They can also be customized to memorialize a person, place, or thing. Most often, they are worn to remember historical moments of loss for an individual or group.

What is Remembrance Day?

Remembrance Day is observed on November 11th each year and is a day meant for showing respect to the many soldiers who lost their lives during the World Wars. The symbol for Remembrance Day is a poppy, and pins featuring this flower are commonly worn in and around this date. Friends, families, and nations use the symbolism to mourn the soldiers killed during any war and honor the veterans still living.

Standard lapel pins used to mark this date have poppies and various lines from the poem “In Flanders Fields,” written during the First World War. In America, this date is known as Veteran’s Day, and there is often some version of a US flag used on pin designs to make them more patriotic.

Different Kinds of Remembrance Lapel Pins

The specific imagery, messages, and types of pins used for remembering fallen soldiers and loved ones will vary depending on what country you live in. If you are looking to create your own unique lapel pin for yourself or your store, you can use the following examples as inspiration.

British Commonwealth

The British Commonwealth or Commonwealth of Nations observe Remembrance Day while countries not included in that group may call it something else, celebrate it on another day, or have no equivalent. Poppy pins are almost universally worn during this period in the Commonwealth nations, especially by high ranking political figures and celebrities wanting to show their patriotism and support of military service members.

US Veteran’s Day

Honoring the dedication and sacrifice provided by men and women of the United States Military can be done with a simple flag pin, a poppy pin, a quote, or the symbol of a specific military branch. Almost all pins are worn on and around Veteran’s Day feature some flag variation or show patriotism through color choices (e.g., red, white, and blue).

Specific Wars and Significant Historical Events

There are also many remembrance pins for specific wars, battles, or other moments in history where several people lost their lives. These pins include the following, but there are hundreds more.

  • World Wars One and Two
  • Korean War
  • 9/11
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Battle of Iwo Jima
  • Battle of Normandy
  • Battle of Midway

These are collectible items for pin lovers who want to create a series of remembrance lapel pins. If you are looking to find a specific one, they are usually featured on auction and trade sites.

Non-Military Remembrance Items

Most lapel pins used to memorialize people, places, or things hold great meaning for individuals or communities. It is common to show respect for a lost loved one or citizen by creating some symbol to mark their passing. This can include memorial sites, statues, articles, shrines, pins, and other wearable items.

Raising Awareness

There are dozens of pins with ribbons that have a color that is attached to a cause (e.g., pink pins for breast cancer awareness, etc.). Yellow ribbon pins are used to raise awareness of suicide and are often worn as a way to memorialize loved ones who have taken their own life. This ribbon is also meant to indicate a remembrance of all individuals who have died over the years in this way.

Pet Owner Pins

In recent years it has become quite common for people to use custom lapel pins with the image or name of their favorite pet. These make good gifts for pet owners who have recently lost a furry family member. They are easy to design, affordable, and thoughtful.

Personalized Memorial Pins

If you want to make a custom memorial pin for yourself or a loved one, it can be a powerful gift. You do not need to have a complicated design, and there are plenty of remembrance pins you can use as inspiration for your own.

How to Create Your Own Message or Image

If you want to create your own customized lapel pin as a thoughtful gift for someone you care about or for the observed days mentioned previously, there are plenty of options available. There is no experience required, and there are artists you can commission if you feel unable to create the pin design personally.

You can find out more about creating your own customized lapel pins on this page, giving detailed explanations of our pin materials and features options. We make the process straightforward and easy. You can reach out to our support agents with any questions regarding design details.

When to Order Them For Memorial Service

It can take some time to get your custom pin order because there are processing and shipment times to consider. Due to Covid, there are significant shipment delays in some countries, so you will want to order your pins well in advance if they are for a specific memorial event. If you have never made a custom pin before, you might want to get a prototype made before you pay for a bulk order, and this will add yet another step to the expected timeline.

Generally, a bulk order of up to several hundred pins will arrive within four to six weeks. When possible, it is best to order at least two months before the expected delivery date. However, we can accommodate some last-minute orders depending on the details of the order.

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