What Is A Trading Pin Bag?

What Is A Trading Pin Bag? | Custom Pins Now

A trading pin bag, is a bag used to store lots of trading pins.  Typically, the external part of the bag is made of nylon material, with multiple soft fabric pages inside to pin trading pins too.  It allows you to store your collectible trading pins in a secure way yet still be portable enough to transport them from event to event.  Trading pin bags are also known as collectible pin bags, Disney trading pin bags or pin trading bags.

How big are trading pin bags?

Trading pin bags vary in size and shape, but are typically rectangle and might measure 9 x 13 inches.  Most will have between two and six soft fabric internal pages with an external nylon shell that zips closed to prevent pins from being lost.

Each bag comes with a shoulder strap to easily carry the bag and contents around.  

How many pins can fit in a trading pin bag?

The number of pins you can store in a trading pin bag depends on the size of the bag itself and on the size of the collection of trading pins.  

May trading pins range in size from 1.5 inch all the way to 3 inch in size.  You can imagine a 3-inch pin might almost take up an entire page in the bag.  The bigger the pins you have the less amount that will fit into the bag.

The largest trading pin bags have 6 pages and could easily accommodate 50 – 100 large trading pins.  But if you have mostly smaller pins that are 1 to 1.25 inch then conceivably you could get 200 to 400 pins into one 6-page trading pin bag.

Where can I buy a trading pin bag?

You can find trading pin bags by searching online.  Most pin companies sell them as accessories to their pin sales.  However, many of these pin bags are of lower quality and size.  

We recommend the Extra-Large pin bag/trading pin bag sold by PinProsPlus.  It is one of the larger pin bags to be found.  It has 6 pages, a soft outer shell, and comes in black.  It is unique in that each internal page has a zipper close so after securing the clutches you can close it so clutches don’t get lost either.  

You can buy this pin bag here >>

How much does a trading pin bag cost?

Trading pin bags will range from $20 to $50.  The PinProsPlus bag comes in at $39 which is a good value.  PinProsPlus sales their bag on Amazon, and it is “Amazon Choice” product.  This is a benefit to buyers because you have Amazon handling the order from start to finish and if there are any issues, its an easy return.  And you can get them overnight if necessary.

What is the benefit of a trading pin bag?

There are many benefits of a trading pin bag including:  great for storage, portable, easy to carry around, and protects your pins from damage.  If you have more than 10 large pins, or if you expect to collect more than that in the near future, it would be a good investment.

Are trading pin bags a good gift?

Absolutely, many trading pin bags are sold in November and December for the holidays.  The other busiest time is March through July because of all the team events that make pin trading part of the event experience.  

A few examples include.  Little League baseball who trades pins at their tournaments.  Odyssey of the Mind who trades pins at their tournaments.  Destination Imagination who trades pins at their tournaments.  MATHCOUNTS who trades pins at their tournaments.  You get the picture that pin trading is not just for Disney Land.  But did I mention, people that go to Disney Land trade pins too?

Disney pin trading bag

Disney is the king of pins and pin trading, if they didn’t invent it, they certainly made it popular.  It’s become so big you don’t even have to go to Disney Land or Disney World to buy, trade and collect pins.

Disney online makes it possible to order many of their collectible pins.  New pins come out weekly and monthly and if you are fan, you already know that.  At this writing, the next collectible pin to come out is a selfie pin of Mickie and Minnie for National Selfie Day.

Because Disney produces and sells so many pins, they naturally sell their own trading pin bags displaying the Disney logo.  If you are all about Disney, this may be the bag for you.  

But if your collection goes beyond Disney then the generic bag noted about may be your best option.

Are there any other options other than trading pin bags?

There are other options for collecting and storing trading pins.  Each option serves a purpose but have some drawbacks as well.

  • Lanyards – are very common at tradeshows, conventions and even Disney Land but they don’t really serve the purpose of storage.  They become bulky, awkward, and heavy if you have too many pins.  In addition, pins can fall off and get lost and damaged.  For a day of walking around a show, they serve a purpose but then you still need a place to store the pins.
  • Towel – is another option that is common with little baseball players.  It serves its purpose but again is even more awkward than a lanyard, as how do you really carry a towel full of pins?  Pins will easily fall off, and you still don’t have a storage solution.
  • Pin binder – this may solve the problem of storage, but a binder is bulky and rigid so it is hard to pickup and move around.  The pins are not near as protected as the soft fabric pages of a trading pin bag.

You will have to decide which option works best for you, but maybe a combination of one or two of the options will be the best option.

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