76 Ways Custom Lapel Pins Are Used

76 Ways Custom Lapel Pins Are Used | Custom Pins Now

Custom lapel pins are one of the most widely used promotional products across every market and industry.  They are literally everywhere.  

We believe this so much that we have assembled a list of 78 ways lapel pins are used – from A to Z.  This only scratches the surface, it’s up to you to see how they can influence your business, cause, club or association and add it to the list.

Awareness Ribbon pins – think breast cancer awareness.

Ask Me pins – how do I get a free pizza?

Anniversary pins – 5, 10, 15, 25-year anniversary recognition.


Book Club pins – I met the man of my dreams last night in chapter 5.

Balloon pins – Nothing more beautiful than a colorful, hot air balloon pin

Beauty Pageant pins – promote Miss Rodeo 2020!

Conference Trading pins – give a pin at your next conference and never be forgotten.

Club pins – 4H, Lions Club, FBLA, Robotics Club

Curling Club pins – who would have thought they are a big with curling teams.

Donor Gift pins – say thank you for that $1000 donation, small things say big thanks.

Destination pins – where do you want to remember you have been?

Destination Imagination Trading pins – design, trade, win.  It’s a big deal.


Election Campaign pins – who are you supporting in the next election?

Emoji pins – make a statement, express your emotion, wear it on a backpack.

Elementary School pins – show school spirit, every kid wants one of their school name and mascot


Fallen Officer pins – in memory of a fallen officer, his picture, end of war date.

Fundraiser pins – sell a pin make a buck, fund your club.

Flag pins – patriotism at its best.  Every patriot wears one.


Gold Anniversary pins – a classy and distinct way of being recognized.

Graduation pins – Class of 2020.

Gay Pride pins – show your pride for who you are.


Holiday pins – Christmas, Halloween, Veterans day.

Historical pins – 150-year anniversary of our great city.

Hotel pins – we keep things clean, a 10 every time.


I Heart pins – who hasn’t wanted a I heart NY pin

Incentive pins – pass this course, recognized for accomplishment.

Ice Dancing Trading pins – girly, sparkly, unique and tradeable.


Junior High School pins – some people want to remember junior high.

Journey pins – the music group or a trip you made.

Justice pins – scales of justice make a nice pin for many purposes.


Kick Starter Gift pins – a great gift for those that help fund your venture.

Krewe pins – New Orleans at its best, every Krewe king and queen have their own.

Karate pins – not just a black belt, but a pin too


Letter pins – what letter pin did you receive in high school?

Little League Baseball Trading pins – we like to call it trade big, win big – regardless if you won the game

LA Dodger pins – some people have made a living out selling trendy Dodger pins.


Marriage pins – have you ever received a wedding token from the bride and groom?

Multi-level Marketing pins – every MLM gives out pins for advancing in the company.

Medical Marijuana pins – green heart pins have seen a surge in recent years.


Number pins – what is your favorite number.  Mine is number 5, it is displayed on my car dash.

NASA pins – did you know every expedition to the space station has its own custom pin design?

Not for Profit pins – our best customers are not for profits, low budgets but big thank you.


Odyssey of the Mind Trading pins – annual competition, complete with pin trading amongst teams.

Outstanding Service pins – recognize those excellent customer service people.

Order pins – ok this isn’t a category, but you can’t write a post without asking for an order of pins.

Olympics pins – trademarked and protected, you can’t make your own, but you can certainly buy one.

Promotional Giveaway pins – at a tradeshow, give a pin to remember.

Pop Culture pins – these are big these days, typically called enamel pins.  Make a statement.

Puzzle pins – have you ever put 4 pins together to make a big pin.


Quotation pins – even something as simple as quotation mark can be turned into a pin.

Quilting Club pins – turn your favorite quilt into a pin.

Question pins – ask me about…..


Religious pins – cross pin, bible pin, trek pin or anything religious emblem.

Restaurant pins – promote your restaurant with a pin, it lasts forever.

Reunion pins – families like unity, family crests, give a pin for a family reunion.

Swag Bag Gift pins – golf tournaments, tradeshows, special events – give a grab bag with a pin.

SkillsUSA pins – clubs and organizations always produce pins for their events.

Smiley Face pins – are you thinking Walmart, smiling is always good.


Trade Show pins – every trade show has pins, they are great giveaway things.        

Team pins – baseball, football, basketball, soccer, ice dancing, karate every team needs a pin.

Temple pins – temples are meaningful, many people like pins of their temple.


USA pins – like flag pins, USA pins promote your patriotism and connection to your country

United pins – if you want a word that connects you, get a united pin.

University pins – absolutely a must to have a pin of your university, your identity for life.


Volunteer pins – volunteers give so much, and get so little, a small volunteer pin goes a long way.

Veterans pins – have you ever heard of Honor Flight Pins.  They recognize veterans.

Veterinary pins – even if it is just an animal pin.


Wholesale pins – this is a group that sells lots of pins to their customers.  

Winter pins – what about a snowflake.

Wedding Shower pins – might be a unique thing to give out.


X-Men pins – movies, characters all possible to be made into pins.

X-Rated pins – these do exist but we avoid them.

X-Ray pins – I’ve seen a skeleton behind an x-ray machine made into a pin before.


Years of Service pins – 5, 10, 15, 20…. Maybe even 50 years of service.


Zebra pins – any animal makes a good lapel pin.

Zany pins – this might be a broad category.  There are lots of zany pins out there.  Can you think of any?

Zoo pins – maybe for a specific zoo, or a unique animal at the zoo.  Sell them, collect them.

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