Can You Wear Two Lapel Pins At The Same Time?

Can You Wear Two Lapel Pins At The Same Time? | Custom Pins Now

You can wear as many lapel pins as you want, but they look best when multiple pins complement one another in color or theme to create a specific style.

Can you wear two lapel pins at the same time? The great thing about lapel pins is that you can place them all over your garments, hats, and bags as accessories, and there is no limit to how many you can wear at once. They can be sleek and professional or loud and creative.

While there is no correct way to wear a pin, some of our suggested ideas can make your appearance more cohesive and fashionable. This includes wearing pins that relate to one another in some way if you are wearing more than one. We have narrowed down some of the more popular ways to wear multiple pins on various clothing items and objects like bags and lanyards.

The following sections will not relate to military uniform lapel pins since it is well known that there can be many pins worn at once, and they are relegated to specific uniform placements. Instead, we will focus on ways you can create a beautiful look for everyday wear or formal events. These are suggestions, and in the end, you get to choose how to show off your creativity to the world.

How Many Lapel Pins Can You Wear at Once?

The number of pins you can wear will be determined entirely by your personal preferences. There are no right or wrong answers. The great thing about pins is that they allow us to be ourselves and they can be worn in any way that we find comfortable.

That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind. The more pins you wear, the less any single one will make an impact on the viewer. A trio of related pins will send a clear message, while a half-dozen pins grouped haphazardly may simply look messy.

Moderation and finding pins that work well together can be a fun challenge. In addition, you also want to be sure that wherever you end up placing them, there is enough space so that they do not rub up against one another. Pins that touch can scratch the enamel or jostle their placement and pull at the fabric where the fastener is secured.

So while you can technically wear as many as you choose, there are aesthetic and practical points to consider.

Popular Ways to Wear Multiple Pins at Once

If you have an extensive collection of pins or are looking to starting growing one, then you probably want to know the best places to stick them. When choosing, keep in mind that pins on items like bags are subject to much more manhandling than your clothes are, so there is the possibility they may be dirtied, scratched, or even lost. You can reserve your most valuable or favorite pins for safer locations like your jacket lapels or a lanyard.

On a Lanyard

One common way to show off pins is by wearing them on a lanyard. It allows you to show them off without having to worry about fitting them in your clothes, and you can simply remove the lanyard when you get home. You should avoid placing them on areas of the lanyard that will fall on or above the collar bone because the backings might get caught on or rub against your shirt or jacket collar.

Bags and Bag Straps

Like with lanyards, the long strip of fabric that makes up a bag strap of a backpack or computer satchel is perfect for placing a row of buttons or pins. They are one of the best items to wear them on if you have a half-dozen or more small pins that you would like to show off together because not only do you have the straps but also the body of the bag, which provides some prime space for spreading out your favorite pins. Try to avoid placing them where your hands will grip the strap or where the strap will hang over the shoulder as these actions might knock pins loose.

Where You Can Wear Pins on Your Clothing

Traditionally, they are worn on or near the lapel area, but in recent years it has become common to spread pins out over an entire wardrobe. Keep in mind that some materials (e.g., satin, nylon, velvet, some blends, etc.) may have permanent puncture holes from the pin, so wear with caution. Below are a few places you can wear your pins.


  • Brim
  • Rim
  • Crown

Jackets, Coats, and Shirts

  • Lapels
  • Cuffs
  • Collar
  • Shoulders
  • Chest pocket area


  • Collar
  • Shoulder
  • Chest pocket area

Formal vs. Informal Wear

There are a large number of ways that you can sport a pin. Some lend themselves better to formal wear events, while others are more free-spirited and ideal for informal clothing and locations.

Formal Wear

Most formal wear will be made of thinner, sometimes downright delicate, materials. You do not want to weigh them down with a whole bunch of pins because it will pull the fabric into unnatural and unflattering directions. There are also often rules about what is and is not allowed to be worn at such events, so limiting yourself to a few tasteful pins that still show off your personality can be worth the challenge of narrowing down your options.

Informal Wear

Anything goes when it comes to informal wear. You can line the entire back of your favorite jean jacket in pins or cover your hat rim in your favorite quirky or flashy pins. The great thing about pins is that they allow us to be ourselves and show off our creativity, so you can wear them in any way that makes you feel comfortable.

How to Create a Coherent Theme

There are a few ways to build a theme from your pins. You can choose a subject matter (e.g., music, books, sports, etc.), color, or some other unifying aspect that draws your attention. Most pin lovers have specific types or styles that they prefer, which helps create a theme because then there is already consistency throughout part or all of the collection.

You can then pull out pins that seem to complement one another. For example, if you have a love of horror pins, then a zombie, bones, and a pin that says “spooky!” would all fit well together. One thing to avoid when making a theme is adding ones that are entirely different than the others (e.g., adding a political rally pin in a set of anarchist pins), but there are no rules, so if you have various hobbies and want to represent them all that is perfectly fine.

Order Bulk Pins For You and Your Friends

It is fast and easy to create and order your own customized lapel pins, which you can share with friends. Coordinating looks and showing off the same cute pins or beautiful logo is also a great way to bring together a club or community. You can find out more about what types of pins are available and how to order them by checking out this pin customization page.

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