Enamel Pin Groups: How to Join?

Enamel Pin Groups: How to Join? | Custom Pins Now

Enamel pin groups are a great way to learn about the most recent and most trending lapel pins on the market and any other related news and how this can affect you as an enamel pin enthusiast. They are a great way to build your collection and also interact with other people with shared interests.

Have you ever heard of enamel pin groups? There are hundreds of groups online that you can join if you are an enamel pin lover, and you share the same cause. The advent of social media platforms has made it easier for people to connect, link up, and form groups of people who share the same sentiments.

Enamel pin groups started becoming more popular, especially on Instagram and other social media sites, as early as 2014, when graphic designers and artists began producing designs and making enamel pins.

Lapel (Enamel) Pin groups

Enamel pin groups come in all form or fashion.  Each group represents their love and passion for enamel pins.  You will find many different groups and surely one that fits your taste for things.  While you don’t have to love the topic of the group, realize each group is full of fanatics who are passionate about what they do.  To fit in, it is best to love the topic.  But if you just like looking and seeing new ideas you are free to join as many groups as you want.

How do I join an enamel pin group?

If you want to join lapel pin groups or clubs on Facebook or Instagram, you should follow these simple steps.

  • Log in to your account. Create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Go to the search bar and search for enamel pin enthusiasts, enamel pin groups or just enamel pins.
  • Browse around each group to get a feel for what the subject matter is.
  • Choose the group that features what you like and click to join.

What are the different enamel pin groups?

It is impossible to name them all but we will discuss a few groups below that are very diverse to give you an idea of the variety.

Lapel pin

Lapel.pin is an Instagram group with a smaller following of 185 followers at time of writing.  Their specialty is distinct and classic lapel pins more of the older style.  Pins include such things as flower stick pins, cancer awareness pins, mask pins and other more jewelry type pins that you would most definitely wear on your suit lapel if you were going to a formal dinner or a theatre or such.

I would call these lapel pins rather than enamel pins as they have no enamel in them, they are gold and silver and scream expensive, high quality and exclusive.  This group definitely is all about accessorizing and complementing one’s attire.

Sororities and fraternities

If you’re part of a sorority or a fraternity, you probably have lapel pins that show your affiliation. If you never belonged to one of these groups but loved the unique enamel pin designs then check out greekdom pins and you will find a wide variety of sorority and fraternity pins that will keep your fascination alive.


Girls love bright things that are full of color. That’s why there are so many groups out there with just this kind of thing. Check out #lapelpins, for instance, and you’ll find the most fantastic lapel pin collection ever.

Lapel Pin Collectors

Try lapel pin collectors if you want a diverse group of lapel pin lovers.  As they state on their Facebook wall “This is a place for lapel pin collectors to talk about their pins and do some TRADING”.

You will find a diverse collection of old and new pins.  They specifically state this is not a space for manufacturers or designers trying to sell their own designs.  Give it a try and see if you can find a vintage pin that might get you excited.

Hype lapel pins

These lapel pins are designed explicitly for fanatics to celebrate great artistry and creativity and often represent the most current and trendy designs. They might be movies, sports, or even movements like BLM, and if you look long and hard through the social media platforms, blogs and websites, you’re going to find dedicated sites that you could join and get yourself some crazy good lapel pins.

If you love star wars, then you should check out goodwerkpin on Instagram and get yourself some star trek lapel pins for your collection. If you prefer the TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), you should click here and get a few enamel pins. Click here to get more generalized lapel pin designs that fit any occasions and outfits, Hype. Pins.


While Fansets.com is not a group per say, it is a company that specializes in licensed product pins.  This is where diehard fans go to purchase pins from the following collections:

Lower Decks
Star Trek Universe
Star Trek Delta Collection
DC Comics
Wizarding World
Wonder Woman 84

Fansets focuses on character pins that are 2-inch-tall and cover the characters in each of these TV or movie series.  Their slogan, “Our Pins Have Character” and the minute you see them, you will agree.

Miscellaneous Groups

You might find some of the best pin groups in the following.  They are large and in charge.

Enamel Pin Collectors, Artists, Trades and Kickstarters!

Enamel Pins Group Board

Starting a new enamel pin group!  You can promote your kickstarts, show off your collections and more!  All welcome!

Pin Nation

Benefits of lapel pin groups

1.   Shared interest

Joining an enamel pin group provides you with a platform to share your lapel pin ideas and listen to other members’ input. Sharing ideas has a positive impact on your creativity, helping you develop better designs.

2.   Catch the latest trend

Enamel pin groups provide you with the latest information on what is trending, which can make it so much easier to know what you’d want to get so that you won’t feel left out. Social media platforms are the cheapest way to get any desired information, so if you feel like you need to be kept in the loop, try one of the links above, and you’ll know what’s in the trending.

3.   Build your collection

Joining enamel pin groups can make it easier for you to buy and trade for lapel pins that you may not currently have in your collection. The original Disney enamel pins, for instance, are very rare and very hard to get. Joining lapel pin groups with people of the same interest will make it easier for you to acquire some of these pins.

4.   An excellent form of marketing for your merchandise

You could also create your group if you feel like a niche for enamel pins hasn’t been covered yet. Make a group on your social media platform or start a blog or website where people can engage with each other and even give you some feedback on your enamel pins brand. Social media platforms will also provide you with groups and statistical analysis, which will help you discover what product is excellent for its people. Doing this will help you establish your brand, and you might even earn big from it once your brands begin trending!

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